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  1. I've always found problems with Linux and Flash. It's always the one to crash. I now use gnash, give it a bash. I have done tha same as Ryo, I just signed up for the HTML5 trials on YouTube.
  2. Wound up? You're making the claims and I know you're wrong in your claim. You can't prove your claim. What word do they use now instead of penalty or fine? Come on it's not hard Dave.
  3. Maybe they're not that dumb really. I mean, it's likely the Police won't do much and even if you have all the CCTV footage in the world, the Great British justice system isn't going to do much are they for an xbox and two bear kegs. Perhaps it's we who are the dumb ones for thinking criminals feel the hand of justice.
  4. You're the one making the claim. Back it up. If they're all up to it it shouldn't be too hard to find me a few examples.
  5. https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=opera&rls=en-GB&q=dvd+player+windows+ME&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest
  6. He keeps saying penalty too. How many private parking companies do use the word penalty on their notices Dave?
  7. Don't use their services or the services of those who use them. It's not that hard.
  8. Not if you're going to class parking as a freeby no. I think people are pett when it comes to having to pay their way yet if someone parked on their law they would want the vehicle removed and go for compensation if they could. It really is as simple as, if you don't like the private parking companies, don't use their car parks. You can't have your cake and eat it.
  9. It could come back. I imagine it would be very impressive now. I don't think tv mounted headsets are the way forward though even if we could now remove Steev's weight issues (Not your weight issues Steev, That of the headset.) it doesn't seem very practical anymore. Movement detection, 3d glasses and a wrap around wall seem to be better.I haven't watched the Skyrim video but if it's anything like the Gadget show Battlefield 3 thing I imagine it's pretty cool. I imagine the only way it would really take off is if it were done as an event sort of thing or big expensive machine that you can't economically replicate at home. What arcades use to be about. Getting the gaming experience you couldn't get at home. The trouble is, a lot can be done at home now. I imagine a lot in this post.
  10. Walkley Dave. Should people be allowed to park where they want, how they want and for how long they want on any land that is not council?
  11. Virtuality I believe were one of the big ones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtuality_(gaming) Didn't motion sickness kill it. The game I remember playing was poor. Though saying all that, the arcade Industry did suffer decline in the mid 90's maybe that was the big reason. It can all be done at home now with 3D, things like connect and a normal TV. You never know, it may get a revival. I imagine they're now capable of doing a much better job.
  12. Found on another site I use. I think it quite impressive how they all stop. Would we allow that here? I think Health and Safety would likely stop it. The siren surely gets annoying though. As many on YouTube have stated. It doesn't leave much room for the silent contemplation. Does it appear a bit forced to you or am I being a bit cynical?
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