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  1. OP, not sure if you've tried this but have you moved the router elsewhere ? - maybe even a few feet away from the original position ? I was having similar problems and ever since I've placed the router on the floor (as opposed to on the desk), I've had no drop-outs.
  2. BTW, I've just realised; I don't think my laptop has a CD burner. It's an Acer laptop from about 2004 (running XP). I can easily transfer any files to and fro via the CD drive, but would that mean I can burn MP3's afterall ?
  3. Thanks, guys. I'll have a shot at Windows media player first.
  4. Hi all Can I just copy and paste an MP3 file onto the CD, and will it play on a normal CD player afterwards ? Or would I need some specific software to do all that ? Thanks in advance.
  5. You think that that's bad ? There's people who take a dump and just walk out without even touching the tap. Absolutely disgusting, filthy individuals
  6. Who told you that ? - Netanyahu and his ilk ?
  7. This is no surprise. The gutless and cowardly BBC refused to show the Gaza appeal when Israeli terrorists were killing Palestinian men, women, and children back in 2008/9. Then again, the Director of said Corp. seems to be very good friends with the Zionists. He's been told by them to tone down criticism of Israel. Sick and disgusting. BTW, Israel just killed 15 Palestinians today : http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2012/03/201239235251961119.html --------- And the world remains silent...
  8. Without it, we wouldn't have come to the advances of today I did (and it was just nonsense).
  9. If the top management get this, presumably those at the lower end get something too ?
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