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Tan and white dog found *sorted*


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Hi people me and my neighbour have found a tan and white medium putbull terrior going stray,hes very calm and placid and my beighbour has took him in since thursday and hes been fine but unfortunatly now she carnt keep him,shes gone to rspca and kennels and theyve said because hes not micro chipped and newtered then they will put him to sleep tonight.


We believe this dog deserves a chance but if he isnt gone soon they will put him to sleep.

if anyone can help please could you ring or txt 07561432541

thanks steph

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If he's 'of type' then the RSPCA are legally obliged not to let anybody adopt him, even if people are willing.


Pitbulls are a banned breed in the UK and need to be registered, neutered, microchipped with current details and kept muzzled and on a lead in a public place. Break any of these and the dog is destroyed. Heartbreaking, but that's the law I'm afraid.

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hmmm, what is a dog pound..... ive never seen a dog pound in the uk....


where is the dog pound in sheffield...


and is there a cat pound as well for homeless cats...


There is a dog pound in most cities of the UK, Sheffield has one at West bar, it is always full there is a terrible stray dog problem in this city.

There are loads of cat shelters all over Sheffield, again a massive stray cat problem, Sheffield does not take good care of its animals!

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I lot of people think they know what a 'pitt type'


My dog was rehomed to us via the RSPCA. If I got a £1 everytime someone told me he was 'pitt type' He would be in free biscuits for the rest of his life :hihi:


You need to get him to the pound. His owners will be looking there for him if he is wanted.

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If you take this dog to the pound and it is found to be "of type" it will be destroyed, regardless of temprament. They are not allowed to rehome an "of type" dog. If an owner comes forward they can go to court to fight for the dog to be exempted.


I can't tell you what to do, but if it was me I would let the warden know you have it (a legal obligation), try to keep it, or get someone else to keep it for the holding period and then rehome it myself. A dog should not be put to sleep because of how it looks, and BSL is on it's way to being abolished i this country anyway. Sadly it will come too late for this dog if it is handed in.


If someone sees your post on here and offers to take the dog please do a home visit to their property and ask to see i.d to prove they live there. You don't want it ending up in the hands of dog fighter, either as a fighting dog or as bait :(


The main way the authorities tell if a dog is "of type" is to measure it. Here are the measurements they use - they will give you an idea whether the dog is indeed "of type" or not:






and this is how the DDA describes "type"


When first viewing the dog it should appear square from the side, and its height to the top of

its shoulders should be the same distance as from the front of its shoulder to the rear point of

its hip.

• Its height to weight ratio should be in proportion.

• Its coat should be short and bristled, (single coated).

• Its head should appear to be wedge shaped when viewed from the side and top but rounded

when viewed from the front. The head should be around 2/3 width of shoulders and 25 per

cent wider at cheeks than at the base of the skull (this is due to the cheek muscles).

• The distance from the back of the head to between the eyes should be about equal to the

distance from between the eyes to the tip of its nose.

• The dog should have a good depth from the top of head to bottom of jaw and a straight

box-like muzzle.

• Its eyes should be small and deep-set, triangular when viewed from the side and elliptical

from front.

• Its shoulders should be wider than the rib cage at the eighth rib.

• Its elbows should be flat with its front legs running parallel to the spine.

• Its forelegs should be heavy and solid and nearly twice the thickness of the hind legs just below

the hock.

• The rib cage should be deep and spring straight out from the spine, it should be elliptical in

cross section tapering at the bottom and not ‘barrel’ chested.

• It should have a tail that hangs down like an old fashioned ‘pump handle’ to around the hock.

• It should have a broad hip that allows good attachment of muscles in the hindquarters and

hind legs.

• Its knee joint should be in the upper third of the dog’s rear leg, and the bones below that

should appear light, fine and springy.

• Overall the dog should have an athletic appearance, the standard makes no mention of ears,

colour, height, or weight.

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