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  1. I find that stores that depend on dog owners money will allow them in. In the Lake district nearly everywhere from corner shops, to clothes shops to pubs, cafes and restaurants all allow dogs in as they depend on the income. in the nicer places you might be limited to an area. I guess your problem will be that many outdoor type shops do allow dogs in them so I guess it is if you are happy to loose that business or banning dogs will increase the business in the cafe to offset the money lost from dog owners, it not as if dog owning customers in Sheffield have that much choice, we are used to having to leave dogs at home. I have seen plastic crates outside shops abroad that are padlocked shut and bolted into the floor....but factor in the cleaning costs and buying costs to the damage that one careless owner does inside the shop I cannot see them being cost effective. http://barkpost.com/dog-parking-boxes/ I hate that careless owners ruin it for everyone else.
  2. life time cover gets more expensive as the dog gets older (my 10 year old dog is now just under £300 a year, as a 2 year old he cost £12 a month) They also then charge you a higher excess as they get older...40% of treatment is not uncommon. Insurance is a good idea but as they get past 10 does become less of a bargain! I'm with petplan and they have always paid out when needed with no fuss.
  3. Possibly a problem with the amount of rain we have had and the ground being extremely soft and easily damaged...repair costs would be greater. Shame as I would prefer more outside venues even in the rain and that side of town is much nicer to be around with the bars/ toilets.
  4. Sally Lunn is so much nicer than a boring iced finger! It has an almond paste stuffed under the top iced crust and is full of raisins, iced fingers are really horrible in comparison. I've not seen Sally Lunn for sale for ages, they do still do it in some the bakeries in Manchester but not come across it in Sheffield.
  5. depends what you are going for. I have had my whole house done, dry lined, skimmed, coving and then new skirting boards at different stages. I have paid anything from between £400-1000. Only thing you can do is get a couple of quotes, every room is different All we have used have been excellent and the only reason we used different ones was due to them being too busy to fit into our time scale. These did a very good job: http://www.renov8sheffield.co.uk/
  6. It was like that on the Friday night just up past the broadfield. We reported it. The lads doing it look far to tall to be hanging around streets playing dangerous childish games, you would think by that age they would know better. I wonder how they will feel if they cause a death because someone runs into the road to get away from them or a car loses control and kills a pedestrian.
  7. I'm not sure who you have seen but the vets I have been to in the UK will often give you a variety of options for treatments/ diagnostics / pts. I am always on the understanding that I am the one paying the vet fees and therefore the service they provide will be what I want. If you are straight with your wants, the vet you will find will be straight with you. I am happy to pay for diagnostics but the treatment options will be my choice, it is up to the vet to provide me with the different options and I choose what I think is best for the well being of my dog. I'm not one for pro-longing life at the loss of life quality for a dog. I think most vet treatment is driven my owners love for their animal when maybe not looking at the quality of life. To me this is a failure of pet owners not the vet making money.
  8. It is clear as mud Welcome to the changes that the last educational minister made...lots more of Gove plans in the pipeline! Enjoy understanding the nonsensical changes in your childs education over the next few years. Just please don't blame the teachers, they tried to let the public know through strikes, but no one listened.
  9. Saw a great little play there on Saturday. Playing down in London in a weeks time. http://www.hackneyshowroom.com/and-now-the-world/ Shame there was not more people in the audience as it was very good. Was not quite sure what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised. Think shabby chic, small, informal and friendly and you get the vibe!
  10. I'd been through various tests in my twenties all inconclusive, including referral to Orthopaedic consultant who said everything looked good on scans/ x-rays. They checked the hip joints out too and I had tons of physio to no effect. I got really into fitness and healthy eating which seemed to help and the pain and fatigue died down a bit. In my early thirties I had months of more intense pain so went back and moaned at GP again as it was affecting my work. They took blood and as before, nothing. As I had already been through the system in my 20's for the same thing (it never had gone I just gave up trying to get an answer) they suggested the pain clinic to help. Technically there was nothing wrong with my back to them and it was up to me to learn how to deal with it The physio at the pain clinic pretty much guessed right away what it was and referred me to a Rhuemmatologist. Whilst waiting for the referral I got uveitis (which 20% of people with AS also go on to develop) so the Eye Dr's pushed for a faster referral, I still had no positive blood results. When they took new x-rays the damage showed up on the SI joints and lower back. So I got my diagnosis after another 4 months from a Rheumatologist, based on x-ray, symptoms and the uveitis helped I guess. I also found I have a family history of the disease when I asked around. They do have a new alternative diagnosis now when there is no scan damage present (Non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis) but no idea how they diagnose it! There is a genetic test that can be done. but not everyone with the genes develops AS. I can fully understand the horrible situation of not having a diagnosis for back pain, you end up in a kind of limbo world. The GP's don't want to prescribe anything for the pain and you almost are made to think you are making the pain up! I think you do have to do everything you can to help yourself and you seem to be taking control and doing that Have you seen a physio? they might be able to suggest very specific core exercises that will strengthen without putting undue stress on lower back which a PT might not fully understand, then the PT can be used to check form / motivation. I never got any further with the pain clinic as I got a diagnosis, but I know other people that have attended sessions and found it useful.
  11. lol, Yes I'm lucky as appear to have a mild form. I can mainly control it with keeping very, very active so I don't seize and mild medication and pain relief. I do more competitive sports than most 'healthy' people! I strongly believe if your capable keeping fit/ strong is the key. Back pain is such a invisible pain that to most you look perfectly fine. I'm always trying to raise awareness of AS, as it is surprisingly common and undiagnosed. There is an app you can download for free on the NASS site has some pretty good core strength videos, aimed specifically at people with back problems. might be worth a try. Good Luck
  12. Just a thought have you looked at something called ankylosing spondylitis? I had lower back pain all through my 20's, nothing in bloods or the x-rays taken then. got told that the pain was in head pretty much and to deal with it. http://nass.co.uk/ In my 30's I eventually got diagnosed with it as over the 10+ years the inflammation had caused enough damage for changes to now be seen on the x-ray. It has a very slow diagnosis rate (takes on average 8+ years). It was other symptoms that I got that helped the Docs put the puzzle together, I eventually had problems with eyes and fatigue. Not everyone has increased inflammation in bloods so it is often missed. Anyway exercise is the main treatment so your doing the right thing Good Luck!
  13. I use frontline and use it once every 3 months. I've only spotted a flea once in 8 years so just did the next treatment early and sprayed the house and washed all the bedding and toys, I think that was due to us staying in a dog friendly cottage. I'm not keen doing the flea treatment just for prevention as I do think it causes more resistance which makes getting rid of fleas when the are actually caught more tricky for everyone. My old dog was never frontlined and never had a flea her whole life.
  14. I think under the rebuild rules the money is divided into 'packets' so they all got x amount that had to be spent on 'art/ public space' I think a lot of areas, (like science and DT) are expensive to build and maintain so many school cut the number of lab areas they had, which means in most schools science is taught in normal classrooms for at least 1/3 of lessons.
  15. Are most students that go to college aged 16+? I would hope by that age they are capable of doing some independent study....though I do understand there is a lot of special educational needs students that go to college and students incapable of passing the level 2 courses the first time around, so I could understand them needing some direction, as level 2 courses are pretty basic. Any student on a level 3 course should be more then capable of doing some independent study at that age. I just think that there is very little hope for students if they cannot use their own initiative by the age of 16+. All they have to do is work out that the day could be used to revise/ improve on work/ do prior reading. I guess they will not be heading to university soon or getting a job for a good few years yet as that requires use of initiative. The cynic in me tells me that it is the reason for the government made it compulsory for students to stay in education then cutting the funding of each student by 25%, keeps them out of the unemployment figures for longer and is cheaper for the taxpayer as parents also have to pay the keep. But if your cutting the budget by 25% you can't expect the same standard from already stretched staff.
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