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  1. Tell them he's diabetic and needs a special diet
  2. Thanks Peaches but this little lady has now been rehomed with a lovely couple. Fingers crossed it all works out!
  3. I have, but she has a group of friends at the property and with the weather being nice it seems a shame to keep her couped up. I kept her in over night after her operation and a lady is feeding her for me so I'm not overly worried about her (obviously if the weather turns I'll be more concerned). It just seems such a shame that she doesn't have her own family as she is such a little sweet heart. Broke my heart leaving her there. I have had a p.m about someone possibly taking her on full time so fingers crossed it may work out P.S the cat pen is getting regular use from the fostering I do for the cat shelter, but if you ever need it back letme know and I'll look into buying one x
  4. I have managed to trap a group of stray cats living in a garden in Burngreave. A mum and her babies, and a male were trapped a few weeks back and are now at the Cats Shelter. I caught another female yesterday and took her for neutering but she had already been done. Unfortunately I had to release her back to the garden where she came from despite the fact that she has had surgery (they had to open her up to discover she was already neutered). She is black and white and looks in otherwise good health. I think she's around 5yr old, very friendly and wants to be fussed non stop. Easy to handle and went in the cat carrier no problem. She was also very chilled out in the car and seemed to enjoy the journey. She was such a darling and I feel terrible just dumping her back in the garden Would anyone be able to take her until a rescue space comes available? thanks
  5. Hi, yes he's home. We can only assume he was dumped. He's lost weight and was very tired but is well otherwise. Don't think my friend will be leaving him unattended in the garden again!! Thanks guys https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200922539967120&set=pcb.10200922542167175&type=1&theater
  6. Alfie, 9yr old male Bullmastiff stolen on Friday night from the garden of the Ball Inn, where he lives. Owner devestated and desperate to find him. He only popped out to the loo and was taken https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=468252203222174&set=a.327225030658226.69581.100001121945636&type=1&theater Please inbox me if you have any info. Thanks
  7. Magie rarely gets her p.m's. If he is injured the RSPCA will come for him, failing that I'll P.M you Magsie's email address - you'll have more luck with that
  8. I have a picture, looks like a bull mastiff cross to me. Now with the Sheffield dog warden. If you can tell me the sex and give me a description I'll send you the picture. My friend reports that the dog was very well trained and a darling. No collar Found Highgreave, Ecclesfield
  9. All you can do really is keep washing it off. Use safe4 or something similar. It totally gets rid of the smell (even to the sensitive nose of a cat)
  10. It's a nightmare to detect!! She could have a urine infection so might be worth getting her checked out. As midgecat says tho - a tom regularly pees against the outside of our cat flap and the smell just seeps into the house :/
  11. I'll make a donation on payday and share it on facebook/at work etc. Sure I can drum up some trade
  12. In Elizabeth13's defence I also saw the report where an "expert" stated that they though the baby's hand became accidentally lodged in the foxes mouth and the damage was done as the fox was trying to get away. I think they were trying to hypothesize that the fox was sniffing/licking the baby in search of food and an attack was not intentional. With regards to the doors being wide open I look at it this way - if a fox could get in unnoticed then so could a person. My doors and windows are locked at night (and during the day for that matter), unless I am in that particular room then I can keep an eye on my property. I have heard reports of people being burgled whilst sat in the room next door and they've not known anything about it until their purse or car keys are gone. It's a sad fact, but it is simply not safe to leave doors wide open at night. The risk from other humans however is far greater than from any species of wildlife!
  13. It is extremely rare for a fox to attack unless it feels threatened. There are lots of urban foxes around and attacks are very few and far between. To be fair you are more likely to be attacked by someone else's dog!! The fox hunting Tory scum will no doubt run with this until they get what they have wanted all along....the reintroduction of fox hunting! We build on green belt land and invade nature, we have to accept that we are going to come into contact with wildlife. We are destroying their habitats and forcing them into ours. If you want to totally protect your children put screens up at doors and windows, the air can get in but unwanted guests can't
  14. Any chance you could go on the council website and report it feline01? They'll pick the poor thing up and hopefully it might have a chip
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