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Which Android tablet should I get?


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I have had both the Toshiba Thrive / AT100 and Motorola Xoom.


Both are cool. Pluses and minuses for both. Toshiba feels sturdy, which I liked, has great full sized USB, HDMI and SD card ports / slots but no Gorilla glass, speakers could be better and the cameras weren't brilliant. The Xoom is thinner, feels really well made, has Gorilla glass and excellent speakers and camera. The ports on the Xoom are the mini / micro type.


The Thrive was able to be updated to Honeycomb 3.1.

The Xoom updated to Honeycomb 3.2 on taking it out of the box.


If you want Ice Cream Sandwich right now, then you will need to look at another tablet or root the device you buy and install a custom ROM.


I would avoid the Samsung, it has only a proprietary connector... being able to access files via USB or SD card is really, really useful and is one of the main differentiators from Apple. The Samsung can, therefore, be more like an iPad.


The Sony tablet is quite quirky - try it at John Lewis.


Try the others at Carphone Warehouse on Fargate.


Oh, when I say I have a Xoom, I mean the original Xoom and not the Xoom 2 - be aware that the Xoom 2 doesn't have the same ports / slots as the Xoom.


I'm happy with my Xoom. I got it in the sale at CPW.


Other than price and styling each tablet will have much the same capabilities. For £400 you can get any of these I think. For a little more you could even look at a Transformer Prime.


Don't agonise over how much storage space they have - especially if you get one with an SD card slot.

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P.S. - I wrote these entries on my Xoom. Upon purchasing an Android tablet, the first thing I recommend you do is shell out £1.50 on something like Thumb Keyboard which replaces the stock keyboard (which ain't terrible) and makes typing on the tablet faster, cleaner and more satisfying.

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