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  1. I got the parcel of him. I was very tempted to report him, but am too soft
  2. looking for an electrician to fit two or three floodlights in Sheffield S4 area. ideally before Christmas. any recommendations
  3. I am totally angry. this has happened before. waiting on an important parcel to turn up today( (a part I ordered online), so I unlocked my gate in case they cant get it through post box and waited. I saw the postman, from my cctv, post something, so went out to see if parcel arrived. But just a letter. with no parcel note (little red card to say pick up next working day), I thought <removed>! before ordering the part I called the company up to check which option for postage. I was told guaranteed to be here Sat. anyway a few minutes later the postman come back and posts something, thinking it was the parcel, I went out and saw it was the red card. I thought you lazy so and so and decided to catch him, but he was in the van and gone. got into my car and followed, he was parked bottom of road. as he was walking back to his van I called him, waving the red card. I asked him why he didn't deliver the parcel and just shoved the card through, he says he knocked. which he didn't, as its recorded on cctv (just posted the card and he didn't even have the parcel in hand. cut a long story short & the bottom line was he was too LAZY to bring the parcel back, open the gate and knock on the door, just easier to post a card. this is the 3rd time this happened, but caught him this time. the other postman open the gates and knocks the door. people pay for delivery that you don't get. this needs to stop Royal mail.
  4. I have two boilers, 1) for water & 2) for heating that are glow worm and need a service. any can quote me or advice best place to ring
  5. CPL - top guys, trust worthy and top mechanics http://clpautomotive.co.uk/
  6. had some guy fit me 5 cameras, all seem ok, until we had an incident and the playback was terrible. so spoke with hikvision support (who viewed camera remotely) and explained that the connecters to 3 of the cameras where not connected correctly. does anyone know anyone that can come out and repair these connecters to cameras. tried calling the guy that fitted these but mobile switch off. cheers peeps
  7. does anyone know where I can take my car to get the sat nav map updated. dealer is wanting £90.
  8. i had a 6 cctv camera kit from ebay, within a year I upgrade to Hikvision Turbo HD cameras x 5,and pvr. fantastic picture quality.
  9. There is a small cafe called al nassim in Burngreave opposite sorry house. If you want Yemeni food then that's the place
  10. i recently had my mums gas fire serviced. but when the guy did a test the flue was leaking fumes. he is unable to repair and need someone to come and gives us a quote. does anyone know who maybe able to repair?
  11. I've fished the don years ago and some good fishing to he had. especially where the ACE or SYAC building is. also done outibridge and had some good size trout
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