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  1. Perhaps they were family and split the business. In Germany there are 2 Aldis ??
  2. Crawshaw chain of butchers is put into administration https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/oct/31/crawshaw-chain-of-butchers-falls-into-administration
  3. At least 9, depends where you want to call the boundary? Dronfield, Dinninton, Penistone make it more!
  4. Does that still apply even if it only states "except buses"? I only ask as there are many signs that actually state, for example, "except buses and taxis" etc!
  5. Definitely the best option. Plenty of parking there bang behind the Octagon Centre / Students Union.
  6. Although many years ago, when I cancelled a subscription (I was just using it in a caravan), they did let me pay just £10 a month for the SKY+ features so you still view all free to air channels and record them. Still a monthly outgoing for very little benefit though.
  7. Absolutely agree about that although there has been outages (it went down for an hour yesterday while I was sorting the domain out) but as this is only for personal email, nothing else, the odd bit of downtime is not a major concern. However I have sorted this now, with my son helping. Apparently, Krystal will keep my domain without hosting, just the registration fee every 3 years, and I am now using an email service with 5GB storage and unlimited mailboxes for £3.67 a year Thanks for everyone's advice - really appreciate it.
  8. Thanks - I will go through that. I am getting a little frustrated as some only offer 1 mailbox as standard and I need more, but only low storage. No one seems to cater for the older, less experienced, lighter user (probably not cost effective I assume)
  9. Ok Some advice please folks I currently have a .co.uk domain which i only use for email accounts (not interested in having any website content). I have less than 10 email accounts active with this domain, using POP/IMAP for mail access. I currently use Krystal hosting but at £36 a year it seems to be getting expensive! Is this expensive for what I want? Any recommendations for something cheaper? Thanks in advance
  10. Unbelievable isn't it. Now the snow has delayed things even more it probably won't open until after Christmas ??
  11. Yeah, I don't think they couldn't get the 7.5T vehicles down to get the mail to the office anyway.
  12. You can get free apps that will get a call to display any phone number you want at the other end.
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