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  1. RSH has plain smooth black rubber 12.5mm thick x 1400mm wide x 10M long... which can be cut. May be of interest...
  2. Thanks peeps - neither of these (certainly not matsgrids) seems to sell rubber access mats. I have written an email to RHS just to double-check though. Quite elusive... at least the answer wasn't easy... ;-)
  3. I'd seen this, but this is for laptops to sit on... not people, cars and plant. It's wholly unsuitable I'm afraid. I'm looking for the kind of things I linked to... rubber access mats... but just from somewhere more local.
  4. It is for grassed areas, yes, but this stuff isn't going to be suitable... I'm not over-specifying when I say it's the proper access mats I need. I realise some are rated to 50 tonnes, and I certainly don't need that... but this webbing / mesh won't suffice I'm afraid. I just figured somewhere in South Yorkshire would be a seller of these things... even if they're quite specialised.
  5. This might be better in Property and Housing, I dunno... but my Google skills are woefully failing me today. I am looking to buy a small quantity of these semi-industrial rubber access mats that people and cars and small pieces of plant can go on... things like this - https://www.multimatts.co.uk/eurotrak/medium-duty-eurotrak/eurotrak-single-sided-access-mat-1000mm-x-3000mm-x-15mm-44kg-tt-1000300044ss - or this - https://www.multimatts.co.uk/duramatt-single-sided-access-mat-2400mm-x-1200mm-x-6mm-dura-24001200-multimatts - but although they're readily available on the Internet there's often minimum orders (usually 90 mats!) or delivery charges approaching £100 (the price of a mat)... does anyone know a place in Sheffield or surrounding areas that might sell this kind of thing, where I could maybe get a more reasonable delivery charge, or even collect (they come in 2,400mm long by 1,200mm wide too)? Any pointers appreciated...
  6. I would probably turn that first job down and deliberately wait until the second offer happens before relocating... those commutes will take their toll.
  7. Try - http://base64online.org/decode/ - take from "i" to "==" and paste in, then hit Decode from Base64 - it'll show a 50x50 image that looks like some speckles. Use this to go the other way - http://base64online.org/encode/
  8. Not pertinent, in any way (there was no suggestion it was)... please move on to another thread to troll and not add value.
  9. To anyone who has plenty of experience in this area... I'm planning on filling some gaps in an external wall that has been rendered - patch job, sadly, can't afford to get it all re-done - and was thinking that I'd use some external filler I've got (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0046Q9MIA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) I can mix this up to just the right texture and apply it fine with a flat knife, sand it and paint it, all fine, but I want to know what people might use to get that kind of semi-raised, stippled, uneven effect that you see on some render finishes? Would something like this Artex Stipple Brush do me - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Artex-Stipple-Brush-Stippler-Stippling/dp/B00LNCFNUQ/ref=asc_df_B00LNCFNUQ/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309912023430&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5987019225536967739&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006496&hvtargid=pla-695976666460&psc=1 or would some kind of textured roller do me better? The ones I see (rollers) are wood grain effect or flowers or stuff like that which possibly seems to be for home craft and / or artwork?
  10. Worth a try, but I think it's wishful thinking... you're talking about a pro-active Agent, and that's like a sasquatch. I never like the OIEO tag to properties... I prefer to just see a price, and then bid below it. To me, it seems hopeful to have OIEO... like the seller expects some kind of bidding war, exactly the opposite of what you're experiencing. What's the lowest you can go down to for the sums to work? There's no point you sitting on it fr months and months more if you have places to be. Looks to be Number 1, last sold for £160,000 in 2016..? And has always been about that money. For sure, the price being asked now doesn't seem out of whack... no-one would want to take a bath on it, unless forced. Zoopla estimate is £173,000. It's freehold, so all good there. The description doesn't mention any existing warranty... it should have some left, right? It has only been live for 1 month, though... maybe a bit of panic is setting-in when there may be no need?
  11. You appear to be blaming the Agent, rather than the product... which is often misguided. Most Agents (PurpleBricks and all the others) will just get it listed onto the property portals (most importantly Rightmove and Zoopla) and then react to enquiries - PurpleBricks will do this part just as well as anyone else... all you are missing (vs. a high street Agent, not especially or necessarily the ones you cite above) is the high street shop window... which most people just look in for curiosity at they pass... people don't do their serious house-hunting in shop windows. Agents simply aren't capable of strong-arming someone who doesn't want to buy your house into buying your house. That's why the people who're interested will always be the people who're interested anyway (not other people who were never interested)... all you need is it being out there... and one assumes it is. If you are struggling then do you know why? Is it lack of leads (that could be to do with the house or the time of year), is it tyre-kickers, is it low-ball offers (again, the house)? You went with PurpleBricks for a reason... obviously... likely the low and fixed fees... consider taking what you'll save there and using that money to either reduce the price or add an improvement to make the product seem more attractive. If you wish to post the link to your online advert then I am 100% positive various opinionated folk on here (!) will critique it (me too).
  12. The houses do have gardens so having a mower will be a good thing... but I would't mow on the way there... that would be mowing the lawns of others. You just do your own. It could, indeed, by my ex-Tenants that you spoke to, as they were, indeed, a couple and they do, indeed, live there. Best of luck... don't overbid on houses (as you already know they come up all the time and they're all, basically, the same)... except mine (it is the best one).
  13. It's a large development - and Stoneycroft Road is quite long-ish. For full disclosure, I have a property I let on that road and my last Tenants actually offered to buy the property from me (just as the previous Tenants had too!) and I politely refused, so they started to look and they ended up buying just across the road (the other side of Stoneycroft Road, I mean) and are happy there. The size of the development will always mean there'll be a bunch of houses for sale - there's nothing wrong with them at all. I am not saying they're perfect (not at all) and the noise insulation between houses isn't the best (but that's true of most new builds). There is a small Service Charge for 'communal' areas. Trying to think of real negatives, and kinda struggling... There is a constant low-level background drone from traffic on the Parkway (it blends in over time). Parking is sometimes a bit tight and you need to protect your drive or on-street parking space. The white gloss used on the internal doors was crappy paint and it has yellowed a lot over time.
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