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  1. Thank you all. I was unaware of Signatures... I'm going to call them.
  2. Hi, does anyone know a shop that specialises in somewhat upmarket pens where you can spend time trying them out? It doesn't need to be a branch of Mont Blanc or something... no idea what's wanted yet, so I would like many brands available to try. I was wondering if John Lewis might have a selection. There's a shop called The Pen Box in Lincolnshire (I'm happy to travel a reasonable distance to have a day out) but it's not doing viewings due to Covid. Plenty of Jewellers may sell good pens - I just don't know if they can offer great advice and knowledge at the same time... hence looking for thoughts here. Not looking for answers like - WH Smith, ta.
  3. Not just Insurance, also Lenders. And, with respect, it doesn't matter if you "buy it", different policies are different, different Lenders are different. Same goes for Students... Asylum Seekers... various undesirables (in the eyes of some). Let's just say it's a potential complication some could do without.
  4. Any discrimination (for you being in receipt of any benefits) should not be inferred unless there is good reason... a Landlord in the private rental sector could sell up for any reason, affecting any Tenant. The discrimination will start as you're looking for a new place, sadly. Definitely not right, possibly illegal (probably) but hard to prove and some Landlords seriously have no choice because their Insurance policy prohibits (again, unfairly) against letting to people in receipt of benefits. Hopefully it's not as tough for you as the picture I've painted. Councils / Universal Credit are also difficult to deal with. It's an imperfect situation.
  5. What kind of house? A normal exclusive-let house - like to a person, family or couple (basically, not an HMO) - does not require any electrical safety certificate.
  6. I will say nothing about areas, prices or age of build... but please be careful of Help To Buy. I have a friend who got on this scheme and when I explained how it works to her and her family they were all astounded - her mum asked - "why would a government do this to its own people?" Only go into it with your eyes open. Do not be sold the idea of it enabling you - it is a long term trap (in terms of costs, in terms of mobility, in terms of mortgage options).
  7. I've been doing this Landlord gig for quite a while... and continue to do so... despite what I predict is coming around the corner if any Government gets into power that has an ability to push through an agenda... and I would, genuinely, urge caution - to think of this now is implying you've kinda missed the boat, at least a little bit. You're also breaking a Landlording 101 rule... invest close to where you live. This is along the lines of... don't let to family or friends. Just as a general rule, you understand? Your plan seems like a flight of fancy to me - your questions are too naïve - "what are the Tenants going to be like in specific areas?" - that's not even remotely how it works. You cannot judge Tenants on the locality. You judge Tenants on your own impressions, their employment (or not), their credit histories and references! If you want to dip your toe into this area then proceed - but circumspectly - unless you want to effectively be a silent investor and pass over a portion of your income to a Letting Agent who will fully manage your property, then get something close to home you can manage effectively. Midlands to Sheffield is insane. I found it annoying enough just the other night when a Tenant 7 miles from me required me to pop over and re-pressurise the boiler because of something they'd done - the boiler is fine, well-maintained - it was down to them, but trying to explain how to turn 2 valves on the underside to sort it was beyond them, so it required me to take a trip over - 20 minutes at the property all is good again (and, yes, I had explained how to do that at the Check-In but people forget) but it was still an hour out of my night. So... closeness to the property, general knowledge you've displayed, Government agenda, Brexit uncertainty - they all say "wait" to me. In my experience the only thing you've got right in this is your desire to avoid Leasehold apartments (for reasons you understand). Good luck.
  8. I have used Nankivells in different properties over the years - I always go back there as first choice. I think the most expensive we've spent is about £3,500 for wardrobes with 3 massive soft-close sliding doors that were about 2.5m high... the least about £1,000 for a much shorter 2 door (still glass and sliding) wardrobe... the key thing is the quality of the work on offer here. It's top-notch in all of my experience and - yes, I admit it - I always ask for the same Fitter (which I should not do, but I prefer to wait until he's got a slot). I've recommended them to a friend and they got a large wardrobe in for a price that was £1,000 less than Sharps for the exact same specification! Exact. Sharps then kept phoning my friend up, offering small discount after small discount (just as described above, play-for-play) - they cannot even remotely compete because of their business model. Their Fitters are mostly sad that they end up working for Sharps. Give the guys at Nankivells a go... if you spend enough you get a bouquet of flowers... ha! I don't think you'll regret it. They don't just do wardrobes... they'll turn their hand to any storage solution, and kitchens (not used them for that, yet). P.S. - just mentally totted-up what we've spent with Nankivells over the years and over the properties - it's a lot more than £10,000... don't regret any of it. P.S. - Sharps, I've heard, make a big deal of laying on carpet... they want to rip it up and they did this to my friend's sister - badly, leaving frayed edges... Nankivells will lay onto carpet if you ask them to - I always do and I've never, touch wood, had a problem.
  9. RSH has plain smooth black rubber 12.5mm thick x 1400mm wide x 10M long... which can be cut. May be of interest...
  10. Thanks peeps - neither of these (certainly not matsgrids) seems to sell rubber access mats. I have written an email to RHS just to double-check though. Quite elusive... at least the answer wasn't easy... ;-)
  11. I'd seen this, but this is for laptops to sit on... not people, cars and plant. It's wholly unsuitable I'm afraid. I'm looking for the kind of things I linked to... rubber access mats... but just from somewhere more local.
  12. It is for grassed areas, yes, but this stuff isn't going to be suitable... I'm not over-specifying when I say it's the proper access mats I need. I realise some are rated to 50 tonnes, and I certainly don't need that... but this webbing / mesh won't suffice I'm afraid. I just figured somewhere in South Yorkshire would be a seller of these things... even if they're quite specialised.
  13. This might be better in Property and Housing, I dunno... but my Google skills are woefully failing me today. I am looking to buy a small quantity of these semi-industrial rubber access mats that people and cars and small pieces of plant can go on... things like this - https://www.multimatts.co.uk/eurotrak/medium-duty-eurotrak/eurotrak-single-sided-access-mat-1000mm-x-3000mm-x-15mm-44kg-tt-1000300044ss - or this - https://www.multimatts.co.uk/duramatt-single-sided-access-mat-2400mm-x-1200mm-x-6mm-dura-24001200-multimatts - but although they're readily available on the Internet there's often minimum orders (usually 90 mats!) or delivery charges approaching £100 (the price of a mat)... does anyone know a place in Sheffield or surrounding areas that might sell this kind of thing, where I could maybe get a more reasonable delivery charge, or even collect (they come in 2,400mm long by 1,200mm wide too)? Any pointers appreciated...
  14. I would probably turn that first job down and deliberately wait until the second offer happens before relocating... those commutes will take their toll.
  15. Try - http://base64online.org/decode/ - take from "i" to "==" and paste in, then hit Decode from Base64 - it'll show a 50x50 image that looks like some speckles. Use this to go the other way - http://base64online.org/encode/
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