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Stolen pug pups and chihuahua pups


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People are being asked for help after 14 Chihuahua and pug puppies were stolen by raiders.

Owner Tiffany Roberts believes her home was deliberately targeted by crooks who knew exactly what they were looking for.


On the case: Detective Inspector Tony Cockerill.

... The raiders killed her pug stud Sterling and stole seven pug puppies and seven Chihuahua puppies as well as her prized Chihuahua stud Tonka.

Miss Roberts, who breeds dogs at her home in Queensgate, Beverley, said: "I haven't had a post-mortem done on Sterling, I couldn't bring myself to do it, so I don't know how he died.

"The dogs are like my children.

"It's quite a volume of puppies to get rid of, so hopefully someone will spot them."

The animals are worth more than £1,000 each and Miss Roberts, who has lived in Beverley for two months, is convinced they were stolen by someone who knew the dogs were there.

Detective Inspector Tony Cockerill said: "The theft of these animals has been very distressing for the family.

"We are currently following a number of lines of inquiry, but, at this stage, we have not been able to locate the stolen puppies.

"I would like to ask anyone who may have seen a large litter of puppies – Chihuahua or pug – for sale and feels it may be suspicious, to contact the police.

"I want to see the litter reunited with the owner as soon as possible."

Miss Roberts, 26, said: "They took laptops as well as the dogs, but there was money and jewellery on the table and they left that.

"It's not about what they're worth, no money in the world could bring back Sterling or Tonka."

The theft happened at about 10pm on Friday, January 20, while the house had been left insecure.

Acting on information from Miss Roberts, police say the puppies may have been taken to South Yorkshire.

But Miss Roberts made her own efforts to get the dogs back and did not call the authorities until Sunday.

She knows the pups, and probably Tonka, will have been sold on by now and is asking dog breeders to be aware that the animals are stolen.

She said: "Tonka is distinctive. He weighs about three pounds.

"He had a fight with another dog and lost some teeth, so now he can't put his tongue in and it's left hanging out."

Anyone with information should call police on the non-emergency 101 number.

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It's a blessing they took the laptops - the police wouldn't be very interested otherwise :mad:


I hope they locate the culprits, and the pups


If it wasn't so easy to sell pups on sites like this and preloved, would it actually be worth while stealing them?

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i also dont understand why thay woud kill the stud aswell,

If i was that evil to go and nick puppys i would have took the stud because you can make money on a stud seen it on gumtree stud for sale,

What i think is a bit wroung thay is to many dogs in the pounds as it is so to make more puppys really gets my back up.

lots to this story just dont make sence at all but i do hope you track the people down and get the poor puppys safe home.

try ad mag and preloved gumtree you never know thay might put them on there for sale GOOD LUCK.

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Although 14,000 pounds worth of pup! phew bet the tax man doesn't know!


Poor dogs, either way :-(


Exactly the taxman and the benefits office should be targeting people selling puppies/kittens/etc for this reason. Would probably help stop so many being bred.


I'm sure she'll not miss the 14 grand one bit :rolleyes:

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This woman has lost her pup's and had one dog killed, no mention of her being on any benifits or not paying tax so why jump to this conclusion. Either way it's a horrorble thing to have happen so why so judgmental?

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Well my point about tax etc wasn't actually related to the particular case in the OP, just a general comment following on from the other post.


The 14 grand bit was, because as if she bred two litters of thousand-pound puppies for any reason other than money.


Posting niceties on here isn't actually going to get the puppies found and it's not even as if it's the person concerned herself posting so can't offer her any sympathy or advice.

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