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  1. worth the travel if u have a car, brinsworth boarding kennels have a fab groomer
  2. thank u so much will try all u have said ---------- Post added 29-11-2012 at 16:17 ---------- just rang blackberry and they are saying there is a fault with there services :/
  3. Hi, i have just bought a blackberry 9320 on pay as you go, i am having trouble trying to connect to blackberry internet as the message will not come through this is been going on a week now and finding it really frustrating can someone help me please, i have been to the Vodafone shop 3 times and they are no help thank you
  4. Can anyone tell me the new colour thats like blondie grey and looks fab please x
  5. i know the feeling atosman, i have my appointment with them next week, they do not listen and they make u feel awful, make sure u turn up cos if not the will stop yr money
  6. Look in rotherham record rosa as there is a few dog groomers in there, if for some reason u dunt get it i will send u some numbers thanks
  7. been to see mrs browns boys tonight it was amazing, so funny. Rory couldnt stop laughing brillant show cant wait till next year
  8. I like to use Infa care for babies for my dogs, its not harsh and they smell lovely
  9. he never got back, but i have a email to say he has removed the advert, so looks like its sold, sorry
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