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  1. Just out of interest, what's up with the P&R facilities? I use Middlewood and think it's really good - loads of spaces and reasonable pricing.
  2. I think it's odd that 'wiring/changing a plug' is often cited when talking about practical abilities as if it's some every day household task.... surely this hasn't been the case since 1952 or some other distant decade?? I've very occasionally had to swap the fuse but that's the extent of it.
  3. Sainsbury's Tu range have some larger sized jeans and they're reasonable quality/price
  4. Agreed, I think most people would just be glad the whole mess was over as most, remainers and leavers, are just sick of it all.
  5. I'm surprised more cars don't just come with 'dash' cams as standard nowadays, given that many have multiple cameras housed at the top of the windscreen/on the tailgate anyway (mine's got two or three up front and a reversing camera)
  6. Parthenonas is good, not been in a while though and it used to be cash only so be prepared for that! Once my other half and I went and we forgot it was cash only and he had to walk down the road to a cash point while the guy there kept giving me ouzo (I hate ouzo!) I think I went there once ages ago and it was nice and reasonably priced from memory
  7. I enjoyed it, it was interesting to see Ethiopia too as it did look stunning.
  8. Ahhh that makes sense then! So you'd have to change on to a blue one during the day time
  9. You can get the yellow or blue tram to Shalesmoor and swap on to the SL to get to Middlewood, or get the SL from near Ponds Forge to Middlewood. Not sure why it would mention Cathedral?
  10. Not too bad. Phoned this morning at around 10am and got an appointment for this afternoon, not an emergency.
  11. I like them, they remind me of the northern area of the Peaks which I assume is what they were going for.
  12. And if the footpath you're following runs through someone's private property, PLEASE clean up after your dog, and keep it on a lead! I love seeing walkers come through ours but can't stand the occasional 'presents' left behind. I don't go in to their gardens and let my dog run around and poop there after all!
  13. I change shoes to walk the dog, other than that can't be arsed getting changed to do different things!
  14. They're already aware and hoping to move it elsewhere. Apparently they didn't spell a road name correctly on it as well! Sounds like it was earmarked for upgrade before the service was taken from the road, and the work wasn't cancelled as it should have been.
  15. That's brilliant, he'll not notice anything in the long run but hopefully won't be out on the prowl for days any more! Our Tom is neutered, I'd never have one entire.
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