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  1. I tried Jojo Maman and Debs with no luck! I've given up and ordered on line - fingers crossed!
  2. I don't think you'll ever get rid of private vehicles entirely - what about people who don't live near any public transport routes, are disabled or need to travel outside of normal hours? Also for many people their daily routine simply doesn't have enough time to use purely public transport, e.g. you need to get children to school then get to work, he kids can't be dropped off too early but then you have to be at work at a certain time. Even if public transport was free, I personally wouldn't walk miles to the nearest bus loaded with luggage, kids, dog etc to then have to get a tram (you can't even take your dog on a tram here, which is stupid) to then have to get a train to go away for the weekend - to then be stuck with nowhere to leave anything safely and no means of getting out and about to places that aren't covered by public transport. I do think improvements to public transport in terms of coverage and costs would help, as would more flexible working (in terms of location and times). Perhaps the need to use a private vehicle could be covered by some sort of shared ownership fleet, so you only have it to use when you really need it.
  3. Oh dear it's not sounding very promising! I did look in H&M in town earlier and they had a tiny section (only shop that seemed to have anything at all) with a rubbish selection of trousers I do actually live not too far from Fox Valley so I will definitely try that suggestion - thank you!
  4. Does anyone know of any shops in Sheffield that actually have a decent maternity section? Don't mind if it's town or Meadowhall. Just been round a few in town and they were hopeless! I appreciate that most places sell maternity wear online but I've absolutely no clue what size or style will be suitable (first-timer!) so I'd really rather be able to go and try stuff on. Thanks in advance
  5. The Durham Road Q Park is very convenient and you can get a space easily enough, I've been recently a couple of times during the day and parked no problem, but might be a bit expensive for two whole days. University tram stop is only around 10 mins walk away so depending on where you're coming from, using one of the park and rides might be a good option. Personally I wouldn't even attempt to find free side street parking - might not find a spot and too stressful driving round looking!
  6. Mine's been on a few times recently, it's on all the time on a stat set to 18
  7. Bit further out but I think I spotted one in Carlecotes the other day.
  8. Bradfield, hands down. Lovely church itself with absolutely stunning views to boot. Nice pub next door, what more could you want! Good luck with your wedding planning!
  9. It's pretty much unenforceable unfortunately, so yeah lots of younger children are on there.
  10. Usually 13 which I do think is a little young really. I think the problem for kids is not being able to get away from bullying, it doesn't stop when they go home from school now - it can be 24/7 via social media. Poor kids. I saw an advert the other day (for Barnardos or similar I think) where bullies were depicted as hyenas circling around a girl wherever she went, it was quite hard hitting.
  11. Yes absolutely, if they've been aggressive/threatening and know where you live! Hope you get it sorted out.
  12. Well they've gone now..... and yet water is still pouring out of a leak that seems to be in the same place as the leak before it was dug up!
  13. That's crazy! What is the 'correct' contraception for a woman then? All forms of hormonal contraception carry risks for women, as do some non-hormonal such as the IUD. I'd be absolutely furious if that had happened to me and my partner.
  14. I think sterilisation absolutely should be available on the NHS to women and men. I don't see why it 'isn't contraception'? That's exactly what it is. Other forms of contraception are already available on the NHS and rightly so, and for women in particular they can have negative side effects and presumably cost the NHS a lot anyway (supplying the pill for your whole reproductive lifespan for example). The cost to the NHS of unwanted pregnancies and the associated terminations/maternal care must surely be great too. If a one-off routine operation can be done instead for those that want it, why on earth not? I do agree that it should of course only be done after counselling and some sort of waiting period, but four years seems a bit excessive.
  15. Definitely more litter picking, including along roadsides, and graffiti removal.
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