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  1. They're already aware and hoping to move it elsewhere. Apparently they didn't spell a road name correctly on it as well! Sounds like it was earmarked for upgrade before the service was taken from the road, and the work wasn't cancelled as it should have been.
  2. vwkittie

    Male cat neutering

    That's brilliant, he'll not notice anything in the long run but hopefully won't be out on the prowl for days any more! Our Tom is neutered, I'd never have one entire.
  3. vwkittie

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    I agree but, genuine question, why do you think people keep going on the show?
  4. vwkittie


    My sister has a cat with a leg missing due to a fox, so conflict is possible. However I'd say the chances of anything like that happening are very small, so I wouldn't worry about it. We have foxes and cubs in the fields by us
  5. I don't think servicemen should be immune. Being a soldier doesn't give you carte blanche to murder and I don't think the passage of time makes any difference. I think this is a populist move on his part.
  6. I wouldn't be able to as I use the tram to get to work - no dogs allowed on the tram!!
  7. vwkittie

    Bank card fiasco.

    If I'm going to be charged for the toilet (which I don't actually mind if they're well kept and clean), I'd MUCH rather it was a card payment. I always have my card, but practically never have any coins. Less fiddly to wave a card than put coins in to a machine that'll spit them back out half the time as well!
  8. vwkittie

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    Surely autism rates have increased due to better diagnosis. I remember my mum telling me about some great uncle (or some other old relative) who was, in hindsight, very clearly autistic. Apparently he was just like Rain Man, but back then people generally didn't have a clue about autism so he was just accepted as being 'odd'. As I understand it, vaccinations occur children around the same time that autism starts to be able to be diagnosed which is why some people mistake it as the cause. In answer to the question at the start of the thread, I'm definitely pro vaccination but I'm also slightly uncomfortable with the idea of compulsory vaccination. I think other avenues to increase rates should be pursued first.
  9. vwkittie

    When Pet Sitters Go Wrong

    We were away over Easter week an had our dog walker in to see to our cats. He was excellent as usual - my tom cat had been out and had a fight so the dog walker took him to the vet for us, administered medication for the rest of the week and doubled his visits from once to twice a day to make sure all was ok. Anyone needs details for a reliable, trustworthy person (NW Shef), let me know!
  10. I've got two nest boxes, both used (blue tits), two well frequented feeding areas with multiple species, and at least two other nests (long tailed tit and wren) in my garden.... and two cats! Yes they have occasionally brought down a bird but that's life. They also kill rats, mice and rabbits. The RSPB's stance seems very balanced and sensible to me. The real problem is habitat loss. Moaning about a predator killing likely weak/sickly prey whilst sitting in your lovely new estate house built all over an area where lapwings used to breed and now can't (this example based on a real planning application that's trying to go through now) seems a bit daft, imo.
  11. vwkittie

    Slug solution

    I had brilliant success using nematoad worms last year. You can buy them from Amazon amongst other places. Just mix the powder up with water and spray it over your soil. Before doing this everything I planted was eaten instantly, after everything was fine!
  12. Just remembered another one! Ip dip dip my blue ship sailing on the water like a cup and saucer you are not it!
  13. Was always a tiger for us as kids and I'm 34 now so it's presumably been thus for quite some time! It was actually only relatively recently I heard that the original version was, errrm, somewhat different.
  14. eeney meany miney mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if it squeals let it go, eeney meany miney mo!
  15. vwkittie

    When Pet Sitters Go Wrong

    What a horrible situation, I hope you manage to get your costs covered at the very least from this awful person! It beggars belief that someone could dice with pets lives like that. I had a bad experience with a Barnsley based dog home boarder once. Our dog sadly got attacked by another dog just before our holiday, and so had staples in her leg. We contacted the boarder and asked if she could still be accommodated as she would need 24/7 supervision. We were ready to cancel our holiday but she assured us this was no problem. A few days later we got a call from our friend who was down as an emergency contact saying he was taking her to the vets as she'd been left to pull every single staple out of her leg! Luckily the friend kept her the rest of the week, but she was left with a large scar and we'd paid for care we hadn't received. The woman hadn't even had the decency to call us and apologise herself!To be honest we wrote the money off - we were too upset at the time to pursue this woman for it. Now our dog stays with our friend if we go away without her, we're very lucky. On the other hand we have a dog walker who comes to let our dog out if we're both out for the day, as well as feeding/cleaning for our cats if we're on holiday and he's spot on - totally trustworthy and reliable. Used him for years and years now. Mark from Impawtant Friends if anyone needs a recommendation for someone good

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