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  1. That's helped me out lots Thank you so much I've jot a lot of what you have told me down We're new to keeping a tortoise so reading lots and asking many Q Thank you very much for all that Information:)
  2. Thank you Thats really helped me Thank You.
  3. We bought him from there Give us paper work and sheets ect ect ect all about the Breed but want to know reallly trests and what weeds there eat There brilliant at snake shop we only go There
  4. Hi need a bit of advice if anyone as a tortoise? Would really appreciate a list of good foods bad foods. ive searched internet but cant find a simple can eat cant Eat plan :-o i know most Foods but would like a few more ideas tips treats Thank you for reading.
  5. African Grey parrot i would Like or a Mccaw but really want a breeder Dont want to go to no pet shop or garden centers.
  6. Morning all am wondering if any one can help? Am looking for Any parrot breeders around Sheffield or other areas around us please. Ive looked on google and Nothing
  7. We have just sent a letter to ask so fingers crossed we also get one
  8. No she never really drinks to be honest this was just the one time she did go. her mobile is off I try it every day. ---------- Post added 27-08-2014 at 10:56 ---------- Sharon as Been Found safe and Well Thanks for all your help and P.ms.
  9. Thank you nikki-red that's so kind of you. ive no idea how to do it. All info is there rossyrooney.
  10. 0oooo I don't know how to do that too. Am no good with computers Thank you me too very worried now about her.
  11. MISSING WOMAN Sharon hill age 48 and was last seen in Sheffield town center. She has been missing since tuesday. She was last seen at penny black tuesday. Any info call the police on 101 quoting 962/21082014 or emma on 07585676106 DONT KNOW HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURE ON HERE CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME DO IT PLEASE.
  12. yes he is in a vets But trying to get book in is in possible :-( teeny how much will it cost me could i bring him tonight to you please x
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