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  1. This is sad news - Not been around here for a long time - certainly not since I was on the Admin team, sorry Medusa x
  2. Hello all, any idea of anything exciting / interesting going on this weekend ? We've got some southern friends coming to stay, so looking for some ideas
  3. It is loads better now, they close the A road in one direction at both ends to create 4 lanes running in.
  4. I've done Spa once & Silverstone for years, Spa is a little bit 'primitive' in my opinion, but we did stay in Antwerp rather than near the track, so the accommodation was nice. Silverstone is a great venue, & we go year after year, & we always stay in the same place, accommodation around there, unless you are happy to camp, is a nightmare to get, as it's booked up so far in advance. I'd definitely recommend Silverstone, & the ticket prices aren't too bad this year
  5. Hi, the junction where you come off the Parkway before the ASDA turn off, where you go up & there is that new little fire station in the dip, you go around to the right & drop down to Coisley Hill roundabout
  6. I'm going to add to this, & this drives me up the wall. WHen you have 2 lanes merging into one, for example, coming off the parkway, at the Mosborough junction, why is it, when the traffic is in a line, unacceptable to enter the right hand lane & then merge further down ? It would move a lot quicker if people used both lanes. Why do drivers deliberately 'squeeze' the merger out ? I have even seen people pull into the right hand lane to stop other drivers going down there. It's not the driver on the rights fault if you are daft enough to sit & queue in the left hand lane, rather than use the right hand lane at busier times
  7. Odd, we had some random power thing going on around 3:30am, I woke up to lots of alarms going off & then our power did a quick off/on thing. Very strange ?
  8. Can totally recommend Sheffield Pet minders, based in Dinnington, I've been using for a few years now. http://www.sheffieldpetminder.co.uk
  9. I feel really passionate about this, but not in the way most do. I think it was an absolute tragedy, & a chain of events caused by some very bad decisions. Some of those decisions by SYP, but also some by Liverpool fans. That’s not to say I blame the fans, & I don’t know if any of the 96 were to blame. What I do know though is this; Nobody went to a football match to die, & not one single police officer went on shift to allow someone to die. People lost their lives that day due to some terrible decisions made on the day, these decisions came from the unfolding events & I believe that on the day everyone did what they could. The verdict is what it is, the people there on the day, & the families of those there have to live with what happened every day, & will continue to do so. Prosecuting people 27 years later isn’t an answer, it just drags it on.
  10. 2 Dogs running around Herries Road / South. Currently behind Hallam FM & Jenx, just on the corner, but they've been running around since at least 9am.
  11. 2 Dogs, 1 black, could be Alsatian x & 1 White, large American Bulldog looking, tried to catch 'em but the little buggers legged up toward Norwood / Southey / Shirecliffe
  12. I thought the fountain bar was at street level ? Or are you meaning something else ?
  13. Hello, there is a little Yorkshire Terrier running around on Herries Road, just by the arches, it was last seen running down the river path to the right as you come up. Is wearing a collar but once it had run down there, I just couldn't find it.
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