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  1. There was a border terrier running down ecclesall rd this morning ( about 9.30 ).Then it ran up broomgrove rd. Hope its ok,
  2. If the reflaunching didnt cure the problem then its either lack of ventilation, brick/stonework problem or lead flashing. Its very rare to have a drip down the flue from roofheight to groundfloor unless the chimney breast has been taken out.
  3. As Dan states 50mm Kingspan is the way to go. Make sure the 25mm air gap is above the insulation. Yes 50mm kingspan is equivalent to 100mm rockwool but dont fit this between the joists.
  4. Looks like old 1f type felt.This felt was used years ago. The new felts are all breather-membrane(lets your roof breath). Problem with 1f, after a certain age if can become brittle and sag in places. This is ok provided all slates are in place. The felt in the picture may not have been caused to sag by the replacement of the valley.Also the slates look like fFibre/cement(may contain a small amount of asbestos) and look in reasonable condition.
  5. As mentioned before if its a large velux its usually a two man job. Its easier to remove from the inside. Once the hinges are released hold the glass/frame vertical and lower inside. (twisting slightly)
  6. Its not a hard job to fit a roof vent. You need to find out if its natural/manmade slate. Or what type of tile. The best way is to ask the plumber/electrician to take a sample down to a roofing merchants ( I use Siddals).
  7. If you would like an alternative quote or any advise my details are below.
  8. Hi Mick You should be able to get these from Hulleys in shalesmoor.
  9. Try Swifties on abbeydale rd,near the crossroads with broadfield rd.
  10. If you would like an alternative quote for lead my details are below.
  11. Don,t drill the ceiling.If its as wet as you say just poke a small hole with a screwdriver .If the water can get away it shouldn,t bring the ceiling down.(although it will probably need to be replaced at a later stage)
  12. Visited Auckland in October (rugby world cup).As previously memtioned go up the Skytower for fantastic views. also consider the Sky jump.Not cheap but well worth it. Also try the wine tours on Waikiki island.They can be booked on Auckland Harbour. Hope you enjoy it.
  13. If you can see daylight from inside you may need extra sealant on the outside window frames.Try Eurocell or national plastics and ask for exterior sealant.
  14. Dont know this company.If in doubt ask to see a copy of their public liability certificate and references. Hope this helps.
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