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  1. php5 and a couple of libraries to do the following? <?php if ($_POST && isset($_POST['email']) && isset($_POST['message'])) { mail('mailbox@whatever.com','Message!',$_POST['email'].' says '.$_POST['message']); } ?> <form method="post"> email: <input type="text" name="email" /> <br />message: <input type="text" name="message" /> <input type="submit" /> </form> ... it must be amazing!
  2. or just go here and get your invite straight away. http://www.joost.com/presents/gigaom-newteevee/ worked for me.
  3. The BBC just made a ****-up of major proportions by spelling "You're" as "Your" at the end of The Apprentice to advertise the BBC2 programme. What's next, Prntis - Ur fird Innit? AMS would be horrified.
  4. http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/existingcustomers/faster/schedule.html could be yonks mate.
  5. there's literally tens of thousands of parrots living in london. you can't go out of the house without seeing one around where i live. its quite a shock the first time you see them flocking in trees like we're in india or something.
  6. if you're fairly savvy and knowledgeable, check out the dell outlet. you can pick up some great bargains there on returned laptops. i got mine for £100 less than list price and with a bigger hard disk. be warned though that not everything listed is a particularly good deal and they tend to go VERY quickly, so keep looking and buy as soon as you see something. you'll no doubt get some negative remarks about dells on here, but i cant fault them for cheap, reliable machines.
  7. the box supports DD5.1 but only BBC HD is broadcasting.
  8. http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=391413&messageID=2968973 that might help but its involved...
  9. i know circuit boards are getting smaller but mistaking one for a hair...? new keyboards for laptops arent that expensive. whats the make/model?
  10. strtotime may be able to convert your date string to a unix timestamp which you can sort on.
  11. after a bit of research, i think you've probably installed the infamous windows animated cursor patch, which causes problems with the Realtek HD Audio Control Panel. the patch in the above link will sort you out, hopefully
  12. does this apply? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935448/
  13. if you have FF (or a different browser) installed, when IE appears, hit no, copy the URL and paste it into FF and see what happens then. although this isn't perhaps a solution, it may help to determine what the problem is. incidentally, whats the software? could it be old and not entirely IE7-friendly? does it work with IE7 at school?
  14. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/908882 however... http://www.xbox.com/ currently states its "down for maintenance".
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