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  1. what about a 15-16 year old GCSE student that is doing languages because they want to be a translator at NATO taking 2 weeks off to go to France?
  2. education isn't free-we pay for it with our taxes. What about if the holiday is for a wedding of a family member that lives abroad? What about if it is to see a festival that happens at a certain time of year? You don't even think its acceptable for a child under 14 to go? Personally I would do it and if I got fined I would pay the fine. The fines would have no bearing on it but I still don't think they should be fined. We went to an island in greece during term time. It was my first holiday abroad and very few people spoke any English-absolutely none. My parents made us go and buy our own ice creams and things which sounds like nothing but its pretty scary when you don't know the language or currency. We learned why people have siestas (it was darn hot). We tried such different food and experienced a totally different culture (not all good). It was unforgettable. The two weeks of work I missed could not be less relevant.
  3. we had occasional weeks off for holidays and occasional days off for alton towers trips-didn't harm me in the slightest. I don't think it happened during the GCSE years. Lets face it if you are going on to further education GCSEs become pretty pointless. They are barely on my CV now. If you are a kid thats struggling to pass its different but they are pretty basic for a lot of the school population-otherwise there would not be so many A*s. It might be a slight pain for teachers but I think the benefits far outweigh the difficulties teachers face from a bright pupil taking a week off.
  4. I felt exactly the same last year-the worst few months of my life to date. I kept thinking "it can't get any worse" then bam another issue slapped me in the face. Develop tunnel vision and sort one thing at a time whilst just doing the bare minimum to prevent further issues.
  5. Theres literally nothing else I can do-It is distracting and dazzling-I have never had to do it for an ambulance because the light isn't as dazzling. To clarify I am a cyclist and have never noticed this effect other than with this one bloke on a cycle. Its obviously the particular light, angle and flashing pattern (the flashing pattern being crazily fast on off flashing). My bike light points slightly downwards and is flashing irregularly at a reasonable speed. No-one will be dazzled but anyone looking properly will see me.
  6. I am a cyclist and I agree! There is one guy I see on my occasional drive in with an amazingly bright light that flashes so fast I have to angle my mirror away to block him out-it is dazzling. Consequesntly I have to make sure I can't see him so that I can drive:loopy:
  7. of course! sod thousands of years of evolution we should be wearing heels! Jessica ennis looks sexy in trainers-waynetta slob does not.
  8. The advert is annoying and the product is stupid.
  9. This isn't true at all. From video footage you can extract a still image and determine whether something is a gun. Just using your eyes you may well only see something black being waved around or like a gun, you might be focussed on something else. A video camera does not feel fear and adreniline either.
  10. Primary care manager is a bit long winded!
  11. we can't afford it though-it is going to change, its just a question of how. ---------- Post added 11-12-2013 at 10:34 ---------- horse riding, rowing, football, skydiving, skiing all require extra insurance if you are part of a proper league. I would assume every official sport requires extra insurance. It is totally different, don't be silly. Smoking 40 fags a day and drinking a bottle of vodka a day are pretty much guaranteed to cause you long term harm. Falling of a horse or breaking your leg playing football are pretty unlikely and will generally be short term problems and irrelevant compared to the long term health benefits of being active.
  12. No the pasty tax is pretty random in what it covers. Also manufacturers spend a lot of time and money getting round these taxes. My suggestion is to give incentives to people to make good choices rather than to punish people that don't and it is more directed because its based on that persons general health not a particular part of what they spend their money on.
  13. Thats totally different, I am talking about people that make good lifestyle choices. A lot of sports require extra insurance if they are high risk anyway.
  14. but what about people that eat nothing but chips and do no exercise?
  15. A) im pretty sure you didnt read the link as it disagrees with you and i do, cancer treatment is expensive, dementia care is expensive and a lifetime of obesity care is expensive. B) i wasnt claiming that they cost less in nhs care i was simply saying that aiming to be healthy deserves a discount. People that dont make any effort should subsidise heavily the people that do!
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