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  1. Hi everyone, My son's 1st birthday is at the start of july amd i would to throw a party with his family and friends. Ideally I would hold it at our home but we hardly have any space to do it. If I could guarantee good weather I would just take a few gazebo too Endcliffe Park and have a party there in the sunshine. But i'd just like to know what venues you would recommend ideally I'm looking for somewhere for about 20 adults and 8 1-2 year olds. Cheers for your help, and yes I know this will be an event he will not remember but that alone isn't a reason to not do it Thanks again
  2. Thanks Clare I have heard we have 3 couples for definite which is great just waiting to hear about the last couple. Check out the above link if you are expecting around this time Cheers Mal
  3. Hi i have sent you an email but not heard anything, would like to book a space.
  4. Hi all, So I booked an NCT Antenatal Class at the SureStart centre in Sharrow and have found out that due to lack of bookings they are having to cancel the courses. If you are expecting for late June / July(2013) and are wanting Antenatal Classes in the Sharrow S11 area please check this link out! http://www.nct.org.uk/course/16895021 There are two couples at the moment and I am told that 4 couples would keep the course running. The course is over 4 classes on every Wednesday in May from 7pm to 9.30pm so ideal for any working S11ers. Please check out the link or PM me if you are interested. Cheers MaL
  5. Cheers for your response have now booked in with the sure start.
  6. Hi all, So my partner is due on the 27th of June and I'm looking into private Antenatal classes... Only thing I can find in the way of general classes is the Sure Start centre in S11, are there other classes elsewhere in the S11 area that people know of that do not focus on single areas (e.g hynobirthing etc)? Cheers MaL (Happy 2013!)
  7. Hi all, Have a nasty rotten bay single pane window, looked at repairing it but the rot is too wide spread i would be better off replacing the whole thing How have you gone about this? Who is good to buy standard terrance type hardwood double glazed bay window from? Can you recommend a tradesmen for the job? Cheers MaL
  8. Hi all, Looking into installing an extraction fan for the bathroom, which has lots of trouble with moisture, looked at using a core drill to vent through the wall to outside but... started thinking how easy would it be to instead fit a ceiling fan and extract through the ceiling and then out of the roof? I've got a slate tile roof and seen slate look a like vents but not sure how you fit these exactly, anyone have any idea or advice? Cheers
  9. Hi all, I am wanting to insulate my front room. Suspended timber floor, with 100mm boards. I'm trying to find the best place to order them from, alot of places only seem to have Kingspan TP10 which I understand is best for roof insulation? I've not really found anywhere that does K3 Kooltherm or TFxx(can't remember the number) so have been looking at Polysterene boards instead... I've tried B&Q,Minsters,Jewsons,Arnold Lavers... B&Q i can get 4 boards (which is how many i need) for roughly 100 quid, just wondering if anyone knows anyone cheaper, or somewhere i can get floor specific boards for good price? Cheers Mal
  10. Hi all, Please help me I really need to replace my Galaxy 1000 shower does anyone know somewhere that sells them in Sheffield ?? Cheers for your help, MaL
  11. hi cheers for replying, I should just clarify, we are ideally looking for a hetas reg' tradesman not neccessarily a company, as a company will have to add on a few hundred quid for the hire of scaffolding? Our original quote was £400- £500 FROM JL heating whom we heard great things, so thats the guide price were looking at. John said he usually roped himself up on the roof. The liner is around £22 a meter so i believe, but yes scaffolding adds a lot of money. thanks again, all suggestions welcomed
  12. Hi all, I've been trying to find a good, reputable company to line our chimney and hook up the stove we have got. John from JL heating was going to carry out the works but sadly this is no longer possible. He was a great help, explaining what we needed to do. Can anyone recommend a good company, we seem to have had some ridiculous quotes and it's hard to find the right people. Cheers Mal
  13. Cheers Just want to get a rough idea as taking the car in tomorro to get a quote, its doesn't help that i need to get central silencer replaced also :s
  14. Hi all, Just had MOT recent and 3 brake pipes sound like they need replacing Anyone got any rought figures on cost? Honda Civic EJ9 Cheers Mal
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