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  1. We have a seasonal pitch at whitby. Can you give a little more information on type of site you looking for please.
  2. Morrisons and Asda sell it but not the Co op.
  3. Last week I ran out of yeast so made some beer bread it turned out ok . More dense than my usual one but perfectly edible.
  4. Try Ernest Wright's on Broad street.Very good scissors that ARE made in Sheffield.
  5. Have you tried emailing Lunar caravan makers I think they are at Preston they might be able to offer a solution?
  6. Definitely try and keep a check of your invoices. We are having problems at the moment with the council and care providers the council have said 50% of the issues are their fault but have now asked the council for copies of the times carers are actually here it was an eye-opener with the company saying carers here longer than they were!! Which we were then charged more for!!Also twice charged for carers who never turned up! Sometimes we have been charged up to £130 a month over what we should be paying. I must say the gentleman from the council's account department has been very helpful and says they have a new system that even they are having difficulty using!
  7. I can recommend Proud To Care, they provide an excellent service and really do care.
  8. In the 70's and 80's Laycocks sublet to Hill Bros, Warris &co andCamelot.Before Laycocks Shaw &Fisher used part of these buildings.It was rumoured before this A Friendly Society occupied part or all of the building​ to store deeds etc in a strong room.This was later used by Laycocks to store pumice for the buffers to use.
  9. canetoad,the only place we would recommend is Ernest Wright's,factory shop on Broad Lane near West Bar.You won't go wrong buying from here.
  10. Hi canetoad, if you ever need scissors again Ernest Wright's make excellent ones.
  11. Clout to us meant warm winter clothing ,to others a vest
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