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  1. yes managed to get some worming crystle down him still took an hour
  2. whats best thing to try rather than tablet . are the liquid or granulels any good for adult dogs if so what is the best
  3. because its been months so that makes me the winner, by default:thumbsup:
  4. old metal frame tent used one for years , i have one now spare as i cant do garden any more. would swap for anything
  5. it is expensive, thats why they dont want to know. try cutting it and they will be on you like flies round dung
  6. good luck you will have more chance in winning the lottery, i tried they dont want to know, even asked local MP for help, they never got back in touch. and the resident association are rubbish only offerd to get some guy in to cut it down for cash in hand:suspect: and this tree was blown down.and dangerous
  7. if it had been door handles i would have given you some, i have about ten boxes of brass handles all new
  8. as hope valley started yet, and is it worth going as its a long way to go
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