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  1. If I had pulled over to the left I would have been driving over he parked cars a the side of the road I am struggling here with other speeding drivers who think all roads have a 60 MPH limit. I will leave this post for now but will remember the van and driver for future reference hope fully I might be in my own vehicle next time so I can record his actions
  2. AGAIN, for the numpty with webbed feet, A 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT IS EXACTLY THAT, IT IS NOT A TARGET, sorry for the caps people, you should always drive with regard to the road conditions taking into account the proximity of pedestrians and other road users and for info I was approaching a junction controlled by traffic lights that were in fact showing RED
  3. I was doing about 28 MPH, I drive a tracked (IE monitored vehicle) so get a warning if I go above he speed limit via my phone. Driver need to chill out more its people like this that cant stop if a child runs out in front of them, I never have and never want to be responsible for hitting a pedestrian with a motor vehicle just because I want to get somewhere quicker than the driver in front. If I had been in my own vehicle I would have got him on my dashcam and posted it all over You Tube but I was in my work vehicle unfortunately so he wont get his 15 mins of fame !
  4. To the driver of a white golf van with a private plate M1 *** who was pushing me along Gleadless Road near to townend, then over took me on the inside after the lights changed only to cut in front and gesticulate out of his window and shout abuse, you are a very unpleasant person here is some advice, a 30 MPH limit is just that, A LIMIT, ITS NOT A TARGET !!!!!!
  5. Posting on a hope someone might be able to help I have a vintage 1974 Lunar Clubman caravan hat I have been restoring however I am light a spare wheel modern ones do not fit tried several "old style" car wheels but to no avail tried all the internet sites and still no joy does anyone have anything laying about that might fit ????? does not need to have a tyre I will get a new one anyway
  6. As a relatively new caravaner I will say this I drive to my abilities and to the road conditions and always in a safe manner, I never go above 50mph and if you dont like that then pull over for ten mins and let me get well in front of you or go another way,,,,,, the speed limit is a limit not a "TARGET" I pay my dues just like most of the other road users if you dont like it let the train take the strain !!!!!!
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