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  1. Wow, 94! For some reason, I thought he'd died. Glad to see I was wrong. My favorite Gene Hackman movie is Zandy's Bride. Not many people are familiar with this particular movie, but it's worth watching,
  2. I agree, it isn't simple. Losing weight is not easy. If you want to quit smoking for instance, then you just stop. But you need to eat. The situation is similar with children. A seriously underweight child at the doctor's office or school would be investigated. Are the parents not feeding them enough? Do they have some sort of metabolic problem? But a lot of people don't look twice at a very overweight kid who lives on fast food and soda and is similarly malnourished. Soda is one of my pet peeves! I've seen a parent put Coca Cola in a babies bottle. Terrific. Not only is it full of sugar and caffeine, it'll rot their teeth. I used to tell my kids if they wanted soda they could go buy it themselves! When they got older and got jobs, I noticed they didn't often spend their hard earned wages on junk food. I just feel that while larger folks should not be publicly shamed, Southwest making it ok to continue their destructive bad habits is just wrong. It's not fair at all. Southwest can afford to virtue signal because there are way more people of normal weight who fly that can be used to fund this nonsense.
  3. I'm fond of Delta myself. They have the nicest flight attendants. I believe they started in Georgia, so must be that Southern hospitality. 😊
  4. I can't help but feel there is something inherently evil about encouraging another person to destroy their body and make themselves sick and miserable before they die an early death. 😞 The shocking part is there are enough "passengers of size" that the airline even has this policy.
  5. I did watch the video. I must be getting old because I can't believe people's attitudes. I mean, if you've got a condition through no fault of your own, then ok. Exceptions should be made for the disabled, the elderly, and families with young children. Groups who often need a bit more help when traveling. But Southwest, really? REALLY?! I don't care how cheap your tickets to Tucson are. My husband has been wanting to take the Sunset Limited Train next time we go and we just might to avoid this foolishness.
  6. This is nuts. We have family in San Diego, Arizona and New Mexico and fly Southwest nearly every time. The best thing you can say about them is they have a ton of flights and they'll get you there fast. For cheap. The day my big behind needs two airline seats? I'm doing something about it. Do people not get embarrassed anymore?
  7. I don't understand this. How can you moderate a forum if you constantly censor/ban anyone who's views you don't like? Eventually you won't need to moderate things because there won't be anyone left.
  8. Amen. I guess all the producers of that show care about are ratings. Ruined lives are collateral damage. I'm sure some of this is different cultural expectations and the mistaken belief that all Americans are rich. Hahahahaha!! But wow. That girl was a piece of work. For those who are curious, this is the segment featuring them ring shopping. To be fair, the man in question told her he was wealthy. Not smart. I haven't watched that show in a while, but I just couldn't take her behavior. She keyed his car, destroyed his phone and locked him out of HIS apartment! Dealing with her would be like handling a rattlesnake. There are some people who will never be happy, no matter what you do or don't do. I agree, choose your partner wisely. I had to laugh at her proclaiming she wouldn't be happy with a "chip ring!" 🀣
  9. I certainly will, Cressy. I think the previous incarnation of the forum didn't much like Americans, or anyone else who disagreed with them. Failing to understand they should be proud that the wonderful people of Sheffield make this forum such an appealing place for us yanks. And Harleyman and buck were both expats! Thank you for your nice words. I'm around now and again. 😊
  10. Hey back, Cressy. πŸ€— Sadly, no. I know Harleyman was in Southern California (I believe he was banned) and buck was/is in Connecticut which is about as far from California as you can get. I hope they're both doing ok.
  11. I had a friend like this. It got so bad she was telling her husband exactly what she wanted, where he could find it and how much it cost. Which I think kind of defeats the whole purpose of another person buying you a gift. Just go get it yourself. And even then, the poor guy would occasionally get it wrong. And you can imagine her reaction seeing as how she'd told him EXACTLY what to do and he bungled it. Even if the gift in question wasn't exactly what I wanted, I'd still be appreciative. Because he made an effort and spent time and money. And God knows you don't want to discourage him. I can think of a couple pieces of jewelry that weren't my cup of tea, but but he went out of his way to get them and I figured they'd grow on me. And they did. 😁 I'm purposely not including people who deliberately get a shoddy or embarrassing gift for you to open in front of others. My late mother in law was a master at this.
  12. A lot of men feel if something isn't important to them, then it doesn't matter. It seems to be their default setting. Some learn otherwise and some pigheadedly persist, never learning that an inexpensive bouquet of flowers and a nice card would make their lives so much easier. However, watching 90 Day Fiancé has shown me that there are women who are not satisfied with just a gift. They want an expensive gift. Including one Russian girl who threw a tantrum in a jewelry store because her potential future husband couldn't afford a $150,000.00 ring. Why that guy didn't just turn around and walk out of there without her, I'll never know. And I'm thinking, wow. If he's got that much money burning a hole in his pocket, lets go to the bank and open a money market or brokerage account and put it in MY name. And I'll get a $50 cubic zirconia ring I don't have to worry about. And yes, they did get married and she's been making his life miserable since. 😞
  13. This is sad news. I know she wasn't all that old. When I first joined the forum, PT and I locked horns more than once. As time passed, I grew to appreciate the practical and straightforward way she looked at things. We exchanged a few emails and she seemed a very warm friendly person in addition to being a very sensible lady. Just goes to show first impressions can sometimes be way off! My condolences to her family and friends, I know she will be missed. Que tan lejos esta el cielo. How far is heaven.
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