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  1. Phan my old friend, how are you? Thank you for remembering (once again) to wish us yanks a happy fourth! True, there aren't any Americans left here. Those of us who haven't been banned or run off might come back once in a while to see what's poppin. Some people may really like Facebook. (I'm not one of them) It's a shame because it was nice for a while. But all good things must end. I sincerely hope you and your family are healthy and happy. Thank you again for your good wishes.
  2. Gosh, thank you Phan! And you too janie. And here I thought you were mad at me, heh. Things are strange here. Stranger than I've ever seen in my life, and it feels as though as a nation we are coming apart at the seams. It's been a quiet day today, so far. It isn't dark yet. So thank you again for your kind wishes. This American appreciated it.
  3. Personally, I make it a point to stay out of malls and Walmart in general, (especially Walmart) but I realize people who live in some areas may have no stores where they live so they're stuck. People cross the border (both ways) to shop. Meh. Talk is cheap. You worry about yourself. Also, no one buys your phony baloney caring and concern. You have shown plenty of nastiness and ill will towards your fellow forum members, including me, to the point where no one believes you are any sort of a nice person. No one owes you ANYTHING. I am spending the rest of the day with the people I love, doing things we enjoy. I suggest you do the same. Or go to bed, it's after 10 already where you are.
  4. I was answering someone else's glib comment about "hot sauce." It's really enchilada sauce, but I imagine to an Englishman they're essentially the same thing. What comment could I possibly make that would make one iota of difference in this discussion? Some of you are having such fun. I suppose all I will say is maybe figure out where El Paso is, and maybe read up on the history of the area. And life on the border in general. And please don't buy anything by El Paso. That stuff really is awful.
  5. Ugh. That stuff is the worst. Get you some Las Palmas. Their green sauce is the only one I use straight from the can.
  6. Statute of limitations on most crimes varies from state to state and is dependent on other things. Was a weapon used? Was the victim kidnapped. All of that is taken into account. I don't believe there is one on murder, some sex crimes, in California embezzlement of public funds is forever. Also, gang enhancement is a big one.
  7. Maybe in the UK you can actually be jailed. I haven't followed those cases but there must have been some strong evidence, even after all those years. Brett Kavanaugh had his reputation dragged through the mud over nearly 40 year old allegations by that nutjob from Palo Alto, who is a professor of psychology.
  8. I'd hate to be a man on trial for rape and have you on the jury.
  9. From purely a patient standpoint this can be good and bad. Yes, a doctor looking to maximize profits may prescribe a certain drug, but there is nothing stopping the patient requesting another drug or another opinion. Most doctors (the ones I've been to anyway) will freely discuss the benefits and drawbacks of one drug over another and tailor it to the patient's needs. If someone is allergic or has a bad side effect, they'll give you something else. Many times they don't prescribe anything and give you free samples. Most doctors are knee deep in them. Anytime something was prescribed to me or one of my children, I discussed it thoroughly with the doctor and they were happy to address my concerns. My husband is the one who will take anything the doctor gives him no questions asked. And he never has a problem, either. Years ago, whenever we needed blood work or a swab or something, we were continually sent to this one particular lab. Finally I asked why this one lab and the nurse informed me that the doctors in the group owned the lab! They get away with this stuff because afaik, it's not illegal and most people don't care as long as their insurance is picking up the tab.
  10. The drug ads are one of the best sources of unintentional hilarity I've ever seen. They are required to list the possible side effects...which are frequently far worse than the ailment they claim to cure! They are trying to get you to buy something but most Americans know if they're pushing it on TV, etc. maybe an alternative would be better.
  11. That is a very good point. It seems reasonable, right? If you think something is too expensive just make your own. Is it possible to reverse engineer a drug? Maybe patents? A short search reveals the US holds most of those. I know drugs are tested over many years and something like 90% never make it to market. Production costs must be too high and regulations too stringent. Maybe the US is like the neighborhood bakery that sells decent blueberry muffins and it's easier to buy theirs than mess up the kitchen making some from scratch. ???
  12. For a couple reasons, the US does the bulk of R&D for new drugs and they need to recoup that cost from somewhere. And because they can get away with charging us more, that's why. The drug companies want more money. The American public is about tapped out, now they (aided by our president) are coming after those countries who benefit from the drugs America pays to develop. I think your costs are going to go up. It will start small. The metaphor of the camel with his nose under the tent comes to mind. If I were a British person, I would fight this tooth and nail.
  13. Since I like you so much Halibut 😉, we pay a little less than $300/month for full medical, dental and vision. So that's $3600/yr. And that includes about $150/mo. that goes into an FSA to help defray out of pocket expenses. This is for just the husband and I. It was more when we were insuring the kids, too. It also includes prescriptions. It's just that sometimes the media stories are a little...sensational? They overemphasize the bad and minimize the good.
  14. Well it's not entirely a piece of crap. But there's definitely room for improvement! Yes, I completely understand not wanting to get fleeced, it isn't much fun. ☹️ I'll say it again, the NHS isn't perfect (what is) but it's worth fighting for. * More real life experience* Last November, I tripped and fell on my way into a local hospital for a doctor visit. I landed hard on my right knee. Within 20 seconds I was surrounded by half a dozen medical personnel asking if I was ok and offering help. I waved them all away and limped inside, embarrassed to be the focus of all this attention. The original doctor I'd come to see said he'd wait until the emergency folks were done with me. An orthopedist saw me immediately. Like there was zero waiting. He examined my knee and ordered x rays. When those were inconclusive, he ordered a CAT scan. A radiologist looked at those as soon as the scan was done. Don't worry, I was ok. But they did find some age related changes in my knee that I'd never have known about if I hadn't fallen in the first place. So, black cloud silver lining I guess. I was done and upstairs in less than an hour. I picked a good time too, because we'd satisfied the deductible on our insurance (being near the end of the year) and we didn't pay anything. Tylenol does not cost an arm and a leg in the US. I just bought some on Amazon Pantry for like $10-$12. They sell this stuff at the Dollar Store.
  15. I've seen it, but it was a while ago. I'd say it's not quite so black and white and some things were somewhat out of context. There is a lot of good in American health care (latest technology, prompt care, easy access to specialists) but all that cost money. 😭 The insulin thing is just awful and I could go on. And on. And on. God help you if you fall between the cracks. What ends up happening is people don't go to the doctor/forgo health screenings etc. even if they have insurance and/or money because they just don't want to pay. I've done this myself (the husband gets mad at me) and I need to stop. But old habits die hard and my parents rarely took us kids to the doctor unless one of us was bleeding or had a bone sticking through our skin. If I were a Brit, I'd be worried too. I've been an open admirer of the NHS ever since I joined this forum. I sincerely wish we had something comparable. I have a nephew and his wife who currently live in London. They love the NHS and want to permanently relocate to London. Partly because they love the city and easy access to the rest of Europe and partly because as Americans, they are accustomed to working their behinds off for everything they have. Low cost/free health care is just...they still can't quite believe it. Your NHS is worth fighting for. Hopefully your politicians won't sell you out the way ours have.
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