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  1. can anyone tell me why the codfather at firth park is closed there is no notice on window
  2. i went thier early 60s like hobinfoot i was thier when mr schofielc retired if my memory serves me right
  3. i i went to ellesmere school my teacher was mr schofield lovely man i was milk monitor i was friends with everton lawrence he came from jamaica he was a good pal sadly i heard he returned to jamaica and died of a heart attack
  4. hi does anyone new charlie wright he had a daughter called annie they lived opposite collins rag and bone yard on alfred rd any information would be gratefully recieved
  5. hi im trying to trace a old friend from hillsborough this is what i know i would be grateful for any info their family name was father joe wragg and the sons was called alan and graham they lived on dykes hall road half way up in the old farm house i know they moved and took the pub opposite middlewood mental hospital then they moved to norfolk to another pub and thats the last i heard of them joe wragg the father was involved in football referee any info would be great
  6. no relation buller rigby but all my family lived in grimesthorpe my grandparents lived on draper st and was called brown
  7. i think i remember keith the person i remember had a nickname snakey if that helps
  8. hi i knew lily and gorden dwyer they lived on upwell st in the terrace houses opposite upwell lane gordon worked in the garage opposite my parents was nieghbours also lilly and gorden was my god parents i lost contact with them when they moved to hackenthorpe i believe they had two sons i rember going to visit them at hackenthorpe and gorden gave me a model boat i remember he msde them as a hobby
  9. the oldhams lived at the corner house opposite prince of waleson the dead end end
  10. hi i lived on adsett st right next to the steel works i think it was no 35 opposite the bottom of draper st my name was peter yates ours was the big yard we always had a big bonfire in the yard my grand parents lived on draper st no 26 they were called nellie and john brown alxo i remember the prince of wales pub when the sutters had it i had a saturday job cleaning out the fireplaces out anc making the fire if i remember right they had a mynah bird
  11. its a charity to help the homeless it is called emmaus its near hyde park flats they will collect any donation free of charge
  12. Hi anybody got a clothes steamer do they work are they worth the money best model to buy any info would be appriated
  13. Many thanks for your help found a charity who will put it good use
  14. Hi can anybody tell me of a charity which could put fishing tackle to good use it would be good if its in or near sheffield as I don't have transport to deliver it
  15. i enjoy thebreakfast at tyram hall unless you know better ?
  16. Hi I'm trying to find a photo of a pancake race I think it was held on adsett st outside the prince of wales public house
  17. Hi has anybody got a photo of a pancake race it was taken in grimesthorpe on adsett street in the area close to the prince of wales public house
  18. Hi audilad I've fished on the canal for about 52 years we fished for sticklebacks at broughton bridge when I was9 yrs old and in all these years I've only been asked once for my licenced I think he must have got lost because he walked about hundred yards then buggered off
  19. Just a question all tower blocks are being checked but what about the most well know one I'm talking about the HALLAMSHIRE hospital it was built in the same era.is it a disaster waiting to happen the patients wouldn't stand a chance does anybody know if it will be checked
  20. Hi can anyone tell me if tardis tackle shop at firth park closed down
  21. Hi I used to fish in Ireland can't remember exact location but it was known for bream coloured half black and white could this be the same thing
  22. Hello to everyone I'm thinking of getting a electric pressure cooker does anyone have one if so how good are they I've been told you can use them as slow cookers as well any info would be useful .can anyone recommend a make or model many thanks
  23. Is there any country were there isn't any pigeons they seem to be world wide unless you know a pidgeon free country
  24. few years time all we will be able to look it will be private fishing you don't think the environment agency are putting in salmon runs for our fishing needs I asked the people who installed the salmon steps at meadowhall wier.the answer I got was so perch and roach could migrate and breed do they think were stupid
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