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  1. sheffield super tram is the most unreliable mode of transport in the whole of england . i have to catch it every day for work reson and it very rarely arrives on time its a complete joke.
  2. i know the quays isn't the don but these are the places i walked andseen fish in these 2 separate locations
  3. At the weekend i had a walk along the don from near kelham island down to the victoria quays and seen loads of fish swimming about so my question is can this stretch of the don be fished ? and i also watched big carp topping in the quays itself is this also possible to fish and who do i contact if so for both areas?
  4. its white over in old whittington which is ok with me even though i have got to drive to halfway in morning to be at work for 8
  5. i would think most tm are suspended too its as bad as sunday night and most was suspended then i was called in off the road sunday
  6. think you will find it does cause chaos all over in many different countries not just here have a look at this and tell me if your opinion as changed http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8425805.stm
  7. double time! are you having a laugh? the company i work for pay £1 an hour extra for saturdays and sundays to work boxing day for that money is stupid i would quite happily work if i got the same amount of money a doctor or a police officer gets . there is taxis for these journeys.
  8. any of you lot interested in a charity match against some lads from chesterfield to help our charity league raise some money for ashgate hospice?
  9. press release from me a bus driver im not driving a bus on boxing day or new years day for anyone! why shouldnt i be aloud the same holidays as everyone else???
  10. i cant see them in chesterfield yet tonight
  11. ill go and look let you know in a while
  12. i dont think its possible to see lights from don valley all the way over in chesterfield and out at mexboro so lets re think what it could possibly be
  13. are you 100% sure on that just im in chesterfield and i can see them and dont want to tell neighbours unless its 100% with arena nearly 20 miles or more from here
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