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  1. Why am I trolling? I was told something by a Council rep and I wanted to know if what this person said is TRUE. By the way some of the Tenants have made a complaint about us giving them Christmas cards. I came on here to find out if what we are doing is wrong and I just get slagged off for it. Typical SF.
  2. The charger is working because there is power going to it. the battery died 5 years ago so its always on charge. Thanks for your help Ghozer. much appreciated.
  3. Sorry There's no beep and no image at all even when I shine a light onto the screen. I can't link it to another monitor as I don't have any leads to do it also it doesn't have any HDMI ports so I cant link it to my tv to see if it is working.
  4. I have dyslexia and what has that to do with being on a TARA? We get a copy of a tenants levy this tells who pays there Levey and where they live. I send invites to our meetings and I have personally delivered these cards to their flats so I know what ethnicity they are. They are a Patch Officer who typically think they know more than anyone else. Yes we have a Muslim representative he speaks several languages and also translates for us.
  5. I have been part of a Tennent's Association for 10 years and every year we give our Tennent's Christmas cards. Most of our Tennent's are Muslims and I have raised concerns to our Chair about giving these cards to Muslims. Some one on the Council said that it is Illegal to give Christmas cards to Muslim's and I am just wondering if this is true. I can't really find anything online that proves this. Can some one please tell me if this is true. Thanks Kal el
  6. I have an eight year old EMachine E40 laptop. it was originally a windows 7 OS then was upgraded to windows 10. its been working fine for the last 8 years until last week. I was watching a film when my screen froze. I couldn't get anything to work or couldn't get it to shut down via normal means so I pressed the start button and shut it down. I left it for a few minutes and booted it up, the power lights came on and the fan came on but nothing else. the lights for the HDD don't come on and the screen doesn't come on not even in bios mode. I took the battery out and depleted the power thinking that this would work but nothing. I have done some research on you tube and asked people who know something about laptops and they all said the same thing. Take out the ram stick and try it in another port. I have done this and still nothing happens. does anyone have any ideas before I take it for a repair and spend stupid money on it. thanks Kal el
  7. I work at a nursing home in Burnegreave. whilst walking up the road to work I noticed that the road wasn't gritted/cleared but the one nearest to it was. I know its a side street. when I arrived at work I saw an ambulance struggling to drive up the road. Myself and 4 of my colleagues pushed the ambulance to the top of the road and then we gritted the entire street so other ambulances could gain access. The SCC know that there is a nursing home on this road so why wasn't it gritted/cleared. This is putting people at risk. what really upset us was the fact that the locals were stood in their windows watching us grit this road in freezing conditions.
  8. The cladding on my Tower Block has been tested and deemed fit for purpose. so the SCC say.
  9. Did I read that Cllr Dore said that SCC can't afford to replace all cladding and that the original cladding cost £300,000 less. The cladding on our blocks are 23 years old. How do we know if they were up to spec all that time ago. Janet Sharpe told us that the cladding has some sort of fire wall behind it but yet we haven't had any proof of this. She also said that we are to have a sprinkler put into our kitchens. That's all good until some one who is doped up or drunk decides to set it off. ( most of the tenants on our blocks are either doped up or drunk ).
  10. I had a booklet delivered to my flat last week by scc saying that all tower blocks in Sheffield are safe. I think its time someone at the SCC should get the sack the council obliviously has lied and tried to cover this up imo.
  11. I had my tenants meeting last Tuesday. I asked the council rep when these safety checks were done and by whom. I was told that they are done by professional fire safety people, we had the fire service on the blocks testing the risers but nothing else. I also asked the rep why we don't have a proper pact test ie. testing all appliances rather than just the plug sockets and lights. I was told that it would take too long to test everything. after arguing for 5 minutes I was told to shut up and move on to the next issue. we have had our kitchens and bathrooms refurbished and a new electrical system put in. Due to the new system people are finding that they have faulty cookers, fridges. if the council had done proper pact tests we would have known about all these faulty appliances.
  12. They took out the sprinklers to save money, how is that not putting money before people?
  13. The cladding was put up in 1994/5 we have had assurances from SCC saying that the cladding is safe. I have a Tara meeting next week so I will see what the SCC come up with.
  14. I live in a tower block and we have no sprinkler system. we have fire hydrants on every 2nd floor. Today SCC have announced that they will be putting in sprinklers in all SCC flats, they also say that the flats are checked every day this is technically true we have block cleaners who check the stairs and the landings. The Council also say that the flats have regular safety checkups. The last time the fire dept came and did checks was a couple of years ago, the same with the electrical checks. Granted that we have two stairwells. We also have smoke detectors and heat detectors. I sit on my local Tara group committee and have meetings with the council every couple of months. I don't remember any one from the council in any meeting that I have been to in the past 5 years mention anything about any safety checks. Are the council putting profit before people?
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