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  1. Dear Val Hala, I do realise that you may have been VERY busy since you first offered more info and photo's regarding the - Attercliffe Dolphins, I am still interested in The Attercliffe Dolphins as I might find images / info about my Grandmother or Mum. So if you do have the time to sort somethings out for me I'd be VERY grateful if you could email them to me at - rcs1966@hotmail.com Yours Sincerely James
  2. I was hoping someone could send me or tell me weather or not they got scared into not doing something for the fear of Obe Dyer coming to get them? It was a fear that went through our family as kids, but I just wanted to know weather or not it was part of Sheffields Myths & Ghost Stories. Any help would gratefully be received. Sincerely James
  3. Dear Val Hala, YES I am still interested in The Attercliffe Dolphins and if you have any photos I'd be VERY grateful if you could email them to me at - rcs1966@hotmail.com Yours Sincerely James
  4. Does anyone have any photos of their days at Browne Bayleys ?? - It'd be nice to see how it really was back in the day.
  5. Does anyone remember anything about Lily Agnes & James Arthur ( lucky Jim ?? ) Tacey, that lived on the corner of Alfred their back yard entrance was on Alfred Road.
  6. Hi Ya Pigeon, Are you sure it was Alan Scarborough Norman knocked around with ?? Could it have be Len Scarborough ?? As i have no refferences to a Alan Scarborough in our family and Terry Scarborough's family moved to York many years ago. Sincerely Jamesh2o
  7. Dear Brian, Depending on where abouts Berth lived depends on where she might have been put to rest. There is City Road Cemetary / Burngreave Cemetary / Tinsley Cemetary and ST Lawrence Cemetary ( these are the ones i know of ). Here's an idea if Bertha's daughter has the correct date of death she'd be able to check out the Sheffield Archives or The Sheffield Star Archives too, to be able to see the Obituary & possibly where the funeral was to take place and at what time. I hope this helps! James
  8. GREAT story BillKitson, It's so nice to get a real insight to what life was like on those wonderful Attercliffe streets, when the community was a REAL community. It's such a shame that when the powers that be decided to move everyone out of the ( what they called the slums ), into better housing they didn't think of keeping everyone together rather than scattering them all to the four winds. They also did it again in the 1980s after they decided to do the same to the Manor Estate were we moved to after Attercliffe, now all the Estate was destroyed and left for years being waste land and now having expensive housing association built in their place. Please keep the indepth truthfull stories coming! James
  9. Hi Ya E5006368 ??, Thanks for the memory - My Uncle Johnny ( Jack ) lives in Parsons Cross with his wife Pat. My Dad Roy died in 1994 - Charlie the eldest died in 1990 in Middlewood Hospital and Len & Brian died in the early 1990s. Therefore there's only Marie / Terry & Frank sit living, as for Anne she was Brians twin Sister who died at birth. It sounds as if you had a wonderful life when you were younger, do you by any chance have any old photos of that time and if you wish i can forward onto you Uncle Johnnys ( Jacks ) address & number if you wanted to meet up again to talk about old times. Sincerely James
  10. Sorry Guys & Gals i forgot to add to my original posting that my family was called the Scarborough's - My Great Great Grandparents - Charles & Sarah ( maiden name Batty ) Scarborough ( they came from Doncaster ) - Their Daugther my Great Grandmother Lillie Agnes Scarborough ( Later Tacey ) Married a Arthur James Tacey - Lillie had a Son Charles Albert Scarborough who married Mary Clarke Sharrock - they in turn had the following children - Charles / Frank / Roy ( my Dad ) / Terry / Leonard / Brian / Anne / Marie & Jack. Which is the part of my family that once lived at Newhall Road.
  11. Hi Ya Sheffield Forum, I am trying to locate further Family information about my Grandmother Doris ( Dot ) Hartley - Born in the 1920's. Her Mother was called Ruth but there's confusion about her Husband and family members. Any help you can give would be gratefully recieved! Sincerely Jamesh2o
  12. Hi Ya Sheffield Forum, I am trying to locate family information about - Doreen Green - Parents Walter Green & Mother Mary Elizabeth Simpson. Doreen married Geoffrey Fereday in the 1950s. Due to Doreen's Parents dying she moved in with my Grandparents Jack & Doris ( Dot ) Holt, and their Daughters Sandra & Betty Holt. Anymore information about her family would be gratefully Recieved. Sincerely Jamesh2o
  13. I have my Grandparents from Attercliffe - Jack Holt married Doris Hartley, all i can remeber about my Grandfather he always had a lip later causing him to be in a wheel chair. He also had 2 Sisters ( but theres more i his family ) called Hilda ( his spitting image ) and Aunty Doll who had a Daughter Called Nell. Any connection ???
  14. Hi Ya Sheffield Forum, I am trying to do my family history and i wish to know more about my Grandmothers family, her name was Doris Hartley ( Born 1921 ) ( Died 1976 ). Doris married a Jack Holt ( Born 1910 ) in 1942, her parents were - William Henry Hartley ( Born 1887 ) ( Died 1920 ) & Ruth A Holmes ( Born 1893 ). Any information or links the forum can give me will be gratefully recieved. THANK YOU! Sincerely Jamesh2o
  15. Hi Ya Sheffield Forum, I am trying to locate information about my family and this information has led me to this information which i need help with - My Grandmother Mary Clarke Sharrock was born in 1910 and i have been told her Father was a Priest called Ethalred ( surname unknown ), her mother was Susannah Sharrock ( Born 1870 ). In the Census i found Susannah was living with a Fred Clarke ( Born 1864 ) due to all the children having the middle name of Clarke i thought that this Fred Clarke was the Father until i recently spoke to my Uncle Frank Scarborough who gave me the updated info and he also gave me a photo of him too. My Grandmothers Siblings were - William J Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1889 ) Bertha Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1894 ) Anna Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1885 ) Lily Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1892 ) ( Died 1895 ) Francis Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1898 ) Alice May Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1900 ) ( Died 1901 ) Walter Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1901 ) ( Died 1901 ) Olive Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1903 ) Luther Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1904 ) Rose Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1906 ) Alice Clarke Sharrock ( Born 1907 ) ( Died 1908 ) Any help the forum can give me will be most welcome! THANK YOU! Sincerely Jamesh2o
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