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  1. So I went fishing today on the river Don near middlewood tavern. There is a weir there so I went fishing for some barbel ! I didn't catch any barbel and I'm not even sure if there is any barbel in there ! I did catch a small rainbow trout though on luncheon meat ! And also got caught to the bottom and ended snapping my rod Either way has anyone got any advice on fishing a weir pool or specifically that one , looked online and everyone says different. Thanks !
  2. Going to go fish Loxley fisheries this weekend. Was wondering if anyone has fished it recently and how it is going ?? Thanks,
  3. The don is good if you don't mind walking ! As for loxely its my favourite fishery in Sheffield ! Make sure you have 8-10lb line as they're snags and even if you are fishing for small fish you most likely will hook a carp at some point ! Biggest carp I had from their was 16 lb 4 oz I caught it margin fishing with 2 ml pellet feed and 6 ml pellet on the hook ! Every peg has some object to fish to ! If you are near the lillies try a small bomb with peperami on the hook and feed small peices of meat flavoured with groundbait and abit of hemp for carp and possibly a barbel ! Goodluck
  4. Thanks for all the information! really helpful.
  5. Thanks for that you have any recommended stick floats ?
  6. I never use a stick float. What's the difference in stick float and waggler swims ?
  7. What's in there ? I was just going to walk along with a waggler and some maggots!
  8. Cheers! Have you been down recently ?
  9. I have been advised to go and fish a place called Salmon Pastures , It's along the five weir walk! I was just wondering do you need waders to fish this spot or can you fish it from dry land ?? Thanks.
  10. https://www.gov.uk/freshwater-rod-fishing-rules/fish-size-and-catch-limits You can eat the fish if you want, just have to be a certain size and only a certain amount , and it has to be okay with the local byelaws.
  11. It's not illegal to eat the fish you catch they just have to be certain measurements
  12. You should be careful at the ladybower because if it is owned that's a big fine if you take them out and normally even if you are a member you would probably have to pay per pound to take them hone with you ! The canal has no trout ,no but the river don does , but I don't think anglers would be happy to here of people taking out trout from the don ! But it's up too you , by preference most anglers catch and release to keep the fish in good numbers!
  13. I went fishing today at plumpers stretch and then walked back into to town. As far as i can tell the canal is very full of small fry loads and loads of them as well as tons of silvers , you could see them all sat on the top ! Although you do always see a few polish walking along throwing in lures and bread trying to catch their dinner! The only problem is that the ones they want to eat are the ones most people want to catch i,e the carp and pike!
  14. Whats the carp fishing like ? Are you allowed more then one rod out ? Can you night fish ? Thanks
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