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  1. Was that when it was a steam loco' shed or when it was a wagon shop?
  2. Hi ya Gaz, same old, nothing to talk about.
  3. Have you noticed how many times the name 'Hodson' appears on the map. I wonder if the pub was named after him?
  4. Saw him a few years ago, he was an electrician with Sheffield Council. I think he was living Hackenthorpe/ Frechville area.
  5. Hi Bowls, yes I think it was, then it moved to The Sheffield Arms, then to The Ball Inn and one was held at the British Legion Club in Chapletown. If you check on 'facebook', look for 'I'm from Grimesthorpe, and proud of it' there's talk of another reunion at the Wincobank Hotel, on Newman Road.
  6. Do you mean the Wentworth, opposite Broughton Lane, yes, thats still open but it had strange opening times. Oh, you mean the Crown, it was before the last lockdown, if it will open again , I don't know?
  7. Yes saddly, all the pubs are gone, Grimesthorpe Rd/Upwell st area. Nearest pub Upwell St area is the 1812, Arena Square, or the Railway, at Brightside, and Grimesthorpe Rd is the Ellesmere . The Ball was the last to close, and that was 2 christmas's ago. So sad when you think how many there were.
  8. Ah, Phil Brodie, weren't you the lead guitar? It was your band that introduced me to heavy music, to which I still prefere.
  9. I remember Cyril Seaman, he was on the commitee at Grimesthorpe Club, usually selling raffle tickets.
  10. 'Bill Beevers' is now run by a chap called Stuart , his workshop is on a small industrial estate just off Deep Lane/Grange Lane, which is at the far end of Bellhouse Rd, opposite end to Firth Park. Stuart will porobably know.
  11. The old grave yard on Wincobank Lane is still their, but its now just a garden and a benches. The reservoir is still there, and as far as I'm aware it's still in use. To walk off Wincobank Lane, up Corby Rd, where Jimmy Childs was , is nothing like it used to be, it's now areas of grass and trees, then walk round the edge of the tip towards Wensley St, then follow the path up to the 'gun stand' is like walking through a forest. It's nothing like when we were kids.
  12. All the football pitches have long since gone, wouldn't know there had been any.
  13. Would that be the row of houses leading up to the allotments, then on up towards Wincobank Hill ?
  14. Sorry to be the bearer of another sad loss. Jean Williamson, wife of Harry, mother of Mark and Ian. RIP Jean.
  15. Yes as far as I can recall, but then most were. I remember one signal box we were working in, the Signalman put news paper on the floor for us to walk on.
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