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  1. I too recommended him to people. top eccentric bloke. Fixed my cd decks when all others said it couldnt be done. RIP Pete
  2. Yes download some stickers......................
  3. Happy to test. Rarely come on here so email us if you would like a quote.
  4. try my friend tony @ TW Communications 2485992 tell him i sent you
  5. I once had to take my car there for a front end paint job after someone reversed into me. Shocking job, id go somewhere else
  6. We watched it, not cycling fans by any stretch of the imagination but it was an amazing day. The atmosphere was great. Well done to all those that made the effort, i'm sure if you went then you agree.
  7. Seems to have gone quiet really hope they find the person / people responsible.
  8. Lived three doors down from me. Always stopped to chat. R.I.P fella
  9. Theres a place next door to attercliffe police station i think
  10. Aaah the joys on the Vtech boost...... Fun to drive, well the older ones were
  11. I always found it odd that the same old bloke that reported it used to go in and play snooker every sunday........... BTW its the same guy that owns the chippy on the shops that bought it for £75k at auction. And theres actually two houses in between the two pubs, Ivy House and Ivy Cottage
  12. Yes that was mine and yeah i got the wheels back, all be it in a pretty poor condition
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