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  1. Don't get involved in sorting out the cherry picker or whatever. IF you do then you may become liable. Leave it for the contractor to sort out. There are HSE limits, ladders for short jobs, cherry pickers for other jobs and compulsory scaffolding for larger / longer jobs. These rules apply to one man self employed businesses who often choose to ignore them (at their own risk). If you accept that risk by booking something you may well take on liability.
  2. The web site you refer to has nothing to do with Microsoft.
  3. This is covered by the Mental capacity act 2007. The very quick overview. A person can in general be said t have capacity to make decisions however be classed as unable to make decisions in certain areas due to a problem with their mental capacity. For example an agoraphobic can make decisions comfortably about any aspect of being in the home but may refuse medical treatment that requires them to leave it. In this situation a suitably qualified social worker and suitably qualified Doctor can initiate the process whereby decisions relating to the best interests of the person are made by the court. This is normally a last option. For further fuller details look up the act as defined above.
  4. Looks like it's been displayed 'elsewhere' after she complained. The 'elsewhere' also looks more like a store room than an A-level picture display which are normally grouped together in a prominent place. I would be upset if an A-level quality piece was not displayed as prominently as other similar pieces. Ramadan has nothing to do with it, just a convenient excuse used by non muslims who are paranoid about offending muslims.
  5. I've slid 50+ yards down the road in leathers and got up without a scratch. Leathers do an excellent job, watch the slides in Motogp to see how they stand up. Skin however does not last 50 inches.
  6. If it's a genuine and not a knock off then the only place you'll get a decent price is EBAY. New they are over £2400. A dealer will not want to give you more than £750 ish for it.
  7. You need SMC, they are here https://www.smcbikes.com
  8. I believe Normal computer motherboard supplies output :- +5v -5v +12v Your info is incomplete.
  9. One of my customers had an emergency today with 'Peak Vets'. The vet was closed, he was at home eating his Dinner. He did an emergency call out for the lady within 2 hours. Spent 30 minutes with the kitten. It was nothing serious but they key thing is 'HE' was there for the emergency. Most vets no longer provide out of hours care, they rely upon a separate company which I have found to be close to useless. Yes, today was expensive for the customer but she received first class care. Thats why I recommend Peak Vets every time. http://www.peakvets.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwpM2pBRChsZCzm_CU0t4BEiQAxDVFmguvVVPtsdN7oBzSLbgiVtOc0CBxngY93oOLHqbZRv4aAkdv8P8HAQ
  10. So what do you reckon to this ? Barnsley drug dealers delivering on a tandem. The Judge said “This could only happen in Barnsley. It’s not exactly Miami Vice.” http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/barnsley-dealers-caught-pedalling-drugs-on-tandem-bicycle-1-7190140
  11. There is a poison that is CAT, DOG and bird safe. It only works on rats, it works by clogging the digestive system of a rat. Other animals including owls that eat rats are not affected. Will try and find details . I also found the electronic, electrocution traps very effective http://www.flytesofancy.co.uk/chickenhouses/EradiBait_Rat_Mouse_Poison.html
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