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  1. Hi im thinking about going fishing on the Don tomorrow morning for a few hours, last time i went was after the great flood of 2007 (5 wiers walk on attercliffe) Fancy catching a few grayling, trout maybe even some chub. Can any recommend some good parts of the don? Cheers
  2. Anyone know whats happened? Police everywhere and all round school grounds taped off
  3. Can anyone recommend any minibuses that could take me to and bring me back from Lightwater valley on the 7th July?
  4. cheers, i went to Straight mile, wasnt too good but it was persistnaly ****i1ng it down Still caught a few
  5. I'm thinkin of going fishing the first week in June... Last year i used to go to Straight Mile and Norwood a lot I have not been since September and was just wondering if anyone knows how these are fishing or knows anywhere good to catch plenty of carp? I'v not fished Aston for a few years either so not sure what that is like, KJS is rubbish now.
  6. good idea...i generally get a taxi but i would use if i could still walk to get it
  7. Drop me an email on dan.mitchell91@gmail.com or tweet me if your on twitter BladesManDan
  8. Hi What league is this in? I maybe looking for a new team for next season and might possibly be able to get a few players
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