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  1. Well last few weeks down wicker muggingand stabbing reported ! Broad daylight 1230 lunhctime and 730 at night!
  2. I go running down the wicker every morning at 530 never hd a problem! The problem seem to occur in broad daylight 1230 200pm 730 at night etc.
  3. what date is this event? How much? CAn we just turn up and pay on door?
  4. I saw them attack a poor man parked on my street with water bombs he was on his own. They are a disgrace, their parents don't care becasue they are boys. If I ever see them do this to anyone or me I will do something . Police are useless they should be going to their parents and telling their parents what will happen to their sons when they go to prison becasue they will eventually. Something needs doing. Are there any photos of these young thugs? If you cant beat em join em. See how they like it then. Asian boys are a disgrace to their own culture and no wonder people are racist. They would not do what they are doing here in Pakistan so why do it here. Thugs.
  5. go to Hui Wei chinese Baan Thai Sumosan Akbars Aagrah Browns Bill's Cosmo zing vaa marcos new york italian las iguanas wig and pen cubana the above are all nice establishments
  6. Why do people have to bring other posts into this? Have you nothing better to do than look through my posts and then make snotty comments about what I am trying to do. Alot of people have been made redundant times are not easy. I was asking on here for a starting point . However I notice the forum is not like what it used to be .
  7. Its members only and it is crap plus oit is broke for men at the moment
  8. I am thinking about opening a restaurant what are the start up costs roughly for a business that holds 40 customers? How much should I expect to invest? Thanks
  9. what happened ? It seems to have disaapeared, they refurbed after fire so am unsure why it is closed anyone know?
  10. Hi How much is it for someone to create a webpage for me for a consultancy business? Many Thanks
  11. oK THE insuarnce company quoted £850 I paid £100 to fix at my local garage. I didnt think I could get a car alarm for £100 fitted. Since I know now I will make some enquiries.
  12. Hi My car was broken into at EIS there was nothing on show. Stereo taken (face off and face was with me!). They smashed window. 2 weeks later broke in again knowing stereo wasnt there and took nothing and caused £850 damage as they broke all the locks. Surely in a car park a loud alarm noise would deter thieves??? What is the point of face off stereos? They get stolen anyway? Many Thanks
  13. My car got broken into and they took stereo . i dont want to spen money on an expensive car alarm. will a shed alarm deter thieves if i fit one in car? Thanks
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