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  1. anyone know best deals around at the moment for Broadband,tv and phone ? only trouble is last time we were with sky the connection to my sons bedroom which is in the attic was awful,anyone know if this has improved over the years ?
  2. they have a mortgage in Scotland something that lets them rent out their current property,but they are wanting to sell this and get property back around here and now her husband as told her that the new mortgage they will need to get cant be in her name as well as she doesn't hold a job
  3. is this the same with every mortgage lender do you know ? only a friend has been told differently by her husband but didn't know if this was true.
  4. If a married couple want to get a mortgage but only one of them is working can both names go onto the mortgate or not ?
  5. we have not bought a new car for 10 yeas and was only wanting a small car like a punto but we would like a brand new one what is a good percent for finance,i never borrow money for anything so am a bit green in these matters
  6. as anyone recently had an older type terraced house damp proofed,if so how much was it and was there a lot of mess inside the house ?
  7. just heard post office up wise wood has been done over as well
  8. does anyone know the dress code for the premium lounge ? my son who is 21 wants to travel in knee length shorts when we go away but I'm not sure he will be allowed in the loung in them,does anyone know ?
  9. usually the euro is visibley displayed to everyone walking past,but today it wasn't so I nipped in and he wouldn't tell me what the rate was that they were offering,he just said I will match whatever anyone in Hillsborough is giving but I cant tell you what it says on my screen unless you want to buy ? Ive never heard anything like it before,in the last 2 weeks ive bought euros from there for my son but I wont be buying any more
  10. can anyone tell me the nearest one in sheffield 6 please
  11. Hoping to try this restraunt pretty soon but we would have to go by car so can anyone tell me where we could park around here ?
  12. going on tram saturday around 5ish to meet a friend for something to eat,so thought maybe west street area,any recommendations please
  13. thanks for taking time to answer but not bothering as its over 3 thousand pounds
  14. i just knew someone would suggest this and that is why i had already sent an email to the club before posting on s/f but i wont get a reply until monday so in the mean time i thought someone might just know,at least you responded i suppose waddy13
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