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  1. Mentioned in this thread are the Fiddler's, who owned the field and had the ballroom built,does anyone know if they are the same Fiddler's who owned the stone masons and memorial service on Mansfield road, Intake, Sheffield next to the cemetery(They were called the fiddler brothers) A big family around Intake and Gleadless. Think there shop is still there to this day.
  2. In a word NO! I used to love the whole in the road ,opened in the late 60s an enchantin place as a child,actually walking under the road,also seeing the Giant fish in the tank built into the wall. And the whole in the roof looking up to the sky,and being able to enter the shops from under ground. But sadly by the end of the 70s it began looking very sorry for its self,grafiti covering the walls litter all aroud,the escilators hardly ever working,drunks taking up all the benches and the fish tank with the glass so dirty if the fish survived you couldnt see them anyway. What a sad end for what was a show piece for "The city on the move" That was back then,to think what it would be like today i dread to think,you would take your life in your hands going down there.it would have to be closed off at night and policed by security 24/7 and actually looked after by someone. So something simular could actually work but not in its old form.
  3. The Venus resturant at Dinnington is owned by the same family who owned the coach house,my mate Marc does the disco for them as he used to do at the coach house
  4. Cant help with memories of Frechevill school but was just woundering if anyone remembers my late father Jack Myers he attended in the late 50s. I believe he lived on the corner of Silkstone cresent. His father was called Albert and mun Alise Myers, albert worked for the council when they were called Sheffield city engineers. Hope some one can help.
  5. This takes me back. The last time i heard of them was back in the mid 80s. Dave their Brother and Ex policeman was the land lord of the Cross Guns Pub on Sharrow Lane.
  6. Without bringing this thread down or laughed at by all the skeptics,was there ever a tragedy at the pit.I got told they was, but not found anything about it. Because I used to be the security guard on Sherwood’s formally Philips trucks and across the road on P.T.I. at the side of the original Asda store. I have gone into more detail about strange goings on a thread about ghosts in Sheffield, and am convinced both places and the whole area is haunted.
  7. They were ok,but on Radio Hallam Colin Slade was 10X Better. Monday evening at 8pm-late 70s.
  8. Thanks for clarifying that,i remember most things but its such a long time ago now the memory isnt what it used to be,reading these threads bring a lot of memories flooding back. "Bringing back the good times" there is only "Big John" worth listening to on Hallam now. he would have been great back in the 70s with Kelly temple,Mike Rouse,Roger moffat etc.
  9. Also i remember Roger Moffat being offed a sum of money for the money mountain to present the morning show live,blind folded,credit to Roger he did,but it turned out to be a cruel hokes. he also turned up at the heartshead studio one day in his jarmers after locking him self out of his flat. What a Charactor. And on his first day in Sheffield he upset everyone by calling Sheffield a B***** awful place,it was because it was a sunday afternoon,he got off the train at Dore station and was driven to the studio for the first time,he noticed that the pubs were closed,that didnt go down to well with him. when asked what he thought of Sheffield on air he said it looks like a B***** awful place.later that week in the "Dove and rainbow" a listner walked over to him and poured a pint over him for it. He also got in to trouble with the council at Nether Edge for painting a gass lamp in brightly coloured stripes. Good old Roger.
  10. Does anyone else remember Tony Hatch coming in to the heartshead studio,when Roger Moffat was doing the request show one weekday evening at 6pm,he some how got him to compose and play a song live on air called "Anything". he said he would play it everytime someone sent in a request and asked if he would play anything.And Roger did!
  11. Look on ex pats for the threads about What happened to Radio Hallam etc, save me typing it all again.
  12. id love to see the fiesta or a club of a simular nature return,but would it work in this day and age. i have wrote several simular posts about clubs only catering for the under 25s,in the days of the fiesta or a disco like roxys they were full with people of all ages,and everyone like it and got on,couldnt amagin a person of my age fitting in at embrace or the corporation. if the likes of the fiesta returned it would be a venue where you could actualy see the artist you paid to see,not on a screen or a two inch high figure which you pay £30 plus to see or not to see. At the fiesta you could also have drinks and a meal whilst watching top class acts. dont get me started on what killed the fiests,the acts getting gready,and didnt one of the owners disapear to america with the takings in the last few month of the club? sorry if im wrong it was a long time ago
  13. Does anyone now what happened to, or anything about Morris he was the drummer at Sothall wmc at Beighton. in the 70s till it closed.
  14. To add Brian and Barbra two fantastic people-Crows Nest, Hyde Park flats George Dalton-Hermatage ,London Road-Now Anglers rest Handsworth Ken (R.I.P) and Marg -Shakespear,Shalesmoor Gordon and Mavis Banister-then Bob and Jean Chapman- carlton social club pure coincidence but all fantastic wards watering holes.
  15. I think J&bw was Jonssons soundaround later to become cloud electronics.Also remember Moon Music in both locatons the one on langsett road was a small shop picked from floor to ceiling with stuff kevins wife worked at the crucible theater for a time,remember seeing her on some promo when the world snooker was on. One of my first coffin type disco consoles had Gerrard sp25 in that was a FAL i think with three big knobs(deck 1,deck 2 and a tape input).which they called a mixer.
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