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  1. Too many buses operating too many similar routes, clogging up the same roads and adding to existing traffic delays. Think of the time and fuel that is wasted by the 120 stopping at so many city centre stops just to get to the bus station. Cross city routes don't work because the length of the routes just make more opportunities for delays. You then end up with at least 3 buses bunching up on the same route and a twenty minute wait for the next one, regularly. I've said it before in similar threads, bring back limited stop routes like we used to have. Modern buses don't help either - look how slow the stagecoach hybrids are now. Even modern ticket machines are slower than the old wayfarer machines. For a city who once had such a great public transport network, it's such a shame to see the depths it has sunk to these days.
  2. It's about time limited stop services were brought back for the outlying parts of Sheffield, worn out Gold ex-X17 buses or not. It did seem strange seeing one of these allocated to the 50 a couple of years ago in Mosborough though. Remember the good old days of when this part of Sheffield had proper limited stop services X51/X52/X54/X55 plus the East Midland X50. None of this stopping at every single stop lark then, just quick and easy in and out of the city.
  3. Well said there about the stairs! I've often thought about suggesting gates/turnstiles that only operate in the correct direction on the 'up' and 'down' stairs.
  4. I remember when there was a basement sales floor in Boots but never knew about a haunted stockroom. Is the basement still used as a sales floor or did it just become one big stockroom?
  5. As a very regular traveller of Sheffield station I think it could do a lot better...cold waiting rooms in winter and greenhouses in summer, the stupid one way staircase system that I seem to follow the rules but hardly anyone else does (there always seems to be someone with a bike going down the up staircase and getting in my way). A far better station is Stockport. Better layout, cleaner and lovely waiting rooms, managed by virgin trains. A worse station is Derby which has a bad layout, cold waiting rooms unless the sun is on the glass but they don't have the emt one way staircase system.
  6. That was the other number 3 - Sheffield transport who operated the outer circle. The other number 3 from Sheffield to Mansfield via Clowne was East Midlands, now Stagecoach Mansfield.
  7. Which around the mid-eighties turned into the X53 and was listed as being a Fastline route in the timetables. This eventually became the 53 which it still is today.
  8. Have you any photos of the club or any information at all please? Thanks in advance.
  9. Maybe if there weren't so many buses (120, 52, 51) going up and down West Street and causing the blue and yellow trams to be delayed (and vice versa) then the service maybe could improve. High frequency routes all on the same road doesn't work.
  10. Tram is nowhere near as bad as the 120 bus.
  11. The wifi on buses can be hit and miss but I think it's usually ok and working. Wifi buses are often allocated to different routes. For example, a stagecoach hybrid can be on the 120s one day and on the 52s the next day. On rare occasions they appeared on the SL3s. Wifi does work on first double deckers as I've often used it.
  12. There was a time a few years ago that the evening and I think all day Sunday 50's were renumbered 50B and went as far as Halfway tram stop.
  13. The whole area is indeed changing, there is also the added bonus of the plague of graffiti which is an awful welcome for visitors to Sheffield. At least in the hole-in-the-road days the streets were safer and the graffiti was far less common.
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