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  1. I know he worked for Propix on Westfield terrace...just before I started there very early eighties...was told he often turned up for work covered in cuts and bruises due to stumbling home after a few. ---------- Post added 28-03-2016 at 22:59 ---------- processed some Gratispool only the other day.
  2. Maison rouge are playing a gig to commemorate 30 years since winning the star rock and pop awards. Saturday 11th October at the millennium hall, ecclesall road.
  3. Hi,sorry for the late reply,Maison rouge are back,with the original line up,already played a couple of gigs.
  4. Charnock dale road 1966 to 1986, my dad still lives there.
  5. Well I'm going to risk a shower. ---------- Post added 01-09-2014 at 22:38 ---------- Bad idea, bloody freezing due to low pressure.
  6. Back on in Owlthorpe, albeit with low pressure.
  7. [quote Maison Rouge (more blusey but still a great live band) Maison rouge are back in the rehearsal rooms very soon.
  8. Can anyone recommend a watch repairer in Sheffield? s20/12 area if possible or a keen hobbyist who could have a look at a couple of my automatic watches,i don't really want to pay a great deal,these aren't "high end" watches,(citizen,seiko etc) ideally a keen enthusiast would be great,naturally I would pay them for the time and expenses involved.
  9. Yeah it was,my mate got his air rifle from there,my dad wouldn't let me have an air pistol,probably the correct decision in hindsight.
  10. Yep,that's the thing I need....i'm currently watching (listening) to it through the headphone jack.
  11. The chipshop was called the White Heather,shop next door used to sell loose cigarettes
  12. Thanks for all the help...it would appear the only output on the tv is the optical port,the phonos are input only,one option i think would work is to connect through the headphone jack using the red/white phono plugs.
  13. Hi,its a Samsung HT-THX25,tv is a Samsung also,and no I don't have. the manual The only options on the sound system are dvd,usb, or auxillary...guessing I should set it to aux,which I have.
  14. Have been given a Samsung home theatre dolby surround system,sounds great when playing a dvd,however i'm unable to get any sound when viewing tv. Tv is connected via hdmi. Tried connecting using red/white phono leads,but still no luck...tv has optical out,but home theatre doesn't. Any help much appreciated
  15. Peak imaging Film Processing E6 C41 B&W http://www.peak-imaging.com/htmls/film_processing.htm‎ Yes....I do work there Call in or use our freepost service.....pm me if you need any help.
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