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  1. Like on post has said regardless of colour of skin if you are qualified and good at what you do you will get a job just wish we could get rid off this colour of skin talk load of bull look at premiership there’s more foreign players than ever of all colours there good at what they do that’s why they are there it makes me sick people always bring colour of skin in to it get on with it
  2. Seems to be coming from high hazels maybe arena but it’s outdoors sounds decent
  3. Anyone is there some outdoor gig going on hear the music in handsworth?
  4. Please anyone tell me what can the council do right?there all useless there an embarrassment and guess what council tax goes up to pay towards these idiots
  5. Sheffield is my city where I was brought up it’s a terrible place now and only going one way and it’s not better , it’s a dustbin inner city areas are dirty run down dumps especially eastern side and before anyone says leave, if only I had the cash
  6. Got to be honest here thought the game was boring one of Uniteds worst games Both sides looked poor in a stop start game can’t remember how many shots on goal there was but not many hate local games and now rotherham at weekend can’t afford to lose or draw blades need to start winning
  7. Help please I know this is a long shot but has anyone got any old pictures of there football teams early days 1919 / 20s as my grandad played for them for a few seasons pleas pm me with any info thank you I have been on net but only found one as you guess it he was not on thank you
  8. Dose anyone really know what will happen we all just assume
  9. Look got to be honest it gets more confusing as time goes on ,what I don’t understand is the people have voted to leave that’s it , all you keep hearing is we need another vote ,politicians keep saying this will happen people are going to lose jobs ,this n that will happen but in all no one knows! They never say people will lose jobs because of ,,,,, simply because they don’t know wow
  10. Got to say for me too many Derby games in this league and on tv again united just don’t look good at the moment even though we are up there at the top , hope Chris wilder plays billy up front from start who with not sure but Clarke and mc goldrick not for me anyway we will see
  11. Excellent result last night, we started off poor giving a goal away but soon bounced back , I think we need a striker ASAP just my opinion but think clark and mcgoldrick are finished to me Clark’s seems to be asleep no energy I know he scored last night still think he’s terrible would not get in my team at all mc goldrick already looks burned out ,looks so out of place shocking game last night and in previous games hope we sign a striker in January think we need one ,not sure what’s up with freeman he looks off as well still we are up there near the top but we need to invest to progress
  12. Why do we always a lately shoot ourselfs in the foot ! Thought the game Saturday was garbage as a a blade fan , as for rotherham got to say well done you made us look like a bad side ,every time we are on tv sky we play shocking just did not turn up v poor
  13. Hi dose anyone know if you can still get a grant for this work to be done Thankyou
  14. That don’t sound like United expect a good player to come on minimum wage ---------- Post added 06-08-2018 at 16:56 ---------- Surely wilder can find someone on crutches injury prone who can’t get in a squad anywhere else should be easy mind you they have to be of age Over 35s
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