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  1. Petrol very good paint it on the weeds 2/3 days later They won’t be any Don’t forget and lite a fag up !
  2. Hi can anyone tell me where I can buy road plannings ,chippings from need around 4 ton delivered to handsworth please pm me with any info thank you
  3. Excellent day out probably not the best game this season but all that counts is the massive 3 points brilliant atmosphere from the blades all good just a negative what a terrible ground to visit it’s a dump
  4. Yep that’s em steak Canadian was really thin you would fry em for a minute from frozen anyone know where to buy em?
  5. Can anyone tell me if you can still buy those frozen frying thin steakwich used to take one minute to fry perfect for a quick snack used to have paper between them just don’t see them anymore ta
  6. Hi please has anyone got any old photographs of the triangle estate when it was been built also can anyone tell me what was there before the houses was built, was told it used to be a massive garden centre, but unsure if true ,can’t find any info on the net thank you
  7. The thing is when you seriously can’t understand them as they can’t talk english you keep having to say pardon eh can you repeat that ,just impossible if it was not for the internet I would cancel the lot if I could communicate with someone!!
  8. Anyone else had problems calling? After waiting 29 minutes to get through listening to some type music. That was not even clear not sure what it was then at last I get through!! Only to spend yet another 20 minutes trying to talk to someone who can’t even speak clear basic English and sounded like she was on the bottom off the sea , just simply why can’t these big concerns just get a simple system ,someone you can communicate with so after 49 minutes i am still no further total shambles
  9. jacklev1


    Hi can anyone help ,looking to watch the blades live on tv away games firstly is this possible been told iptv and supposed to be free of charge has anyone any tips please thank you
  10. Like on post has said regardless of colour of skin if you are qualified and good at what you do you will get a job just wish we could get rid off this colour of skin talk load of bull look at premiership there’s more foreign players than ever of all colours there good at what they do that’s why they are there it makes me sick people always bring colour of skin in to it get on with it
  11. Seems to be coming from high hazels maybe arena but it’s outdoors sounds decent
  12. Anyone is there some outdoor gig going on hear the music in handsworth?
  13. Please anyone tell me what can the council do right?there all useless there an embarrassment and guess what council tax goes up to pay towards these idiots
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