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  1. Best place to buy COVID day 2 travel please anyone
  2. Hi anyone any old photos ,where the Darnall railway tunnel was ,thank you
  3. Been fishing on snake pond bottom one next to farm ,what’s happened to the place one side overgrown can hardly walk down ,side to a peg ,not so long ago it was always matched up could never get on so went to fish bottom gate where there is a large rubbish bag ripped open rubbish all over floor and rats all over day time ,next to farm entrance ,long time since I’ve fished here and will be again good pond neglected!
  4. Just history that mate counts for nothing wilder said judge me on this season alone that’s all that counts says it all really
  5. We have a terrible squad off players no where near good enough at any level, simply that’s why we are rock bottom getting relegated,as for wilder he’s the one to blame ,And now because we are bottom with no hope he’s bailed out ,he’s not one off our own at all ,and as for loyalty that’s gone out off window now got a good hand shake from us only to walk in to a excellent paid job elsewhere not bad for screwing up big style
  6. I know everyone’s eyes are different has anyone had there’ eyes corrected by laser ? And any company you can recommend seriously planning this now just can’t get on with glasses just stared wanting glasses full time
  7. After his trial and he was told he would never be released seriously should have been taken outside to face the firing squad without a blindfold ,saved the country millions
  8. Petrol very good paint it on the weeds 2/3 days later They won’t be any Don’t forget and lite a fag up !
  9. Hi can anyone tell me where I can buy road plannings ,chippings from need around 4 ton delivered to handsworth please pm me with any info thank you
  10. Excellent day out probably not the best game this season but all that counts is the massive 3 points brilliant atmosphere from the blades all good just a negative what a terrible ground to visit it’s a dump
  11. Yep that’s em steak Canadian was really thin you would fry em for a minute from frozen anyone know where to buy em?
  12. Can anyone tell me if you can still buy those frozen frying thin steakwich used to take one minute to fry perfect for a quick snack used to have paper between them just don’t see them anymore ta
  13. Hi please has anyone got any old photographs of the triangle estate when it was been built also can anyone tell me what was there before the houses was built, was told it used to be a massive garden centre, but unsure if true ,can’t find any info on the net thank you
  14. The thing is when you seriously can’t understand them as they can’t talk english you keep having to say pardon eh can you repeat that ,just impossible if it was not for the internet I would cancel the lot if I could communicate with someone!!
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