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  1. win hill looking over the derwent dams
  2. Talk about "taking our money" what about benefit claiments they take "our money".
  3. A4e was not prosecuted for fraud . . . ---------- Post added 06-11-2013 at 20:54 ---------- To claim benefits a claimant should have to do some form of work related activity be that employability, college volunteering or community work. Keeps people motivated give a person work ethics a purpose and maintains confidence and self esteem. . . Two things that long term unemployed people lack. If you want to work . . . You will . . . A jobs a job. If we all had the mindset . . . Ill only do the job i want too . . . There would be no taxpayers to fund the benefits some people seem to believe they have a right to.
  4. There are some weird people and obvious cheaters ive had really smutty dirty messages because its free i think it encourages **** takers.
  5. Im interested can do tues or monday eveningz
  6. Theres been a spat of house break ins in woodthorpe too always at the back of the house . . . In broad daylight. Possibly the same scumbags.
  7. Smokers cost the NHS.a fortune too . . . . Some people continue smoking when diagnosed with COPD and asthma . . . . Perhaps is obese people are made to slim down or face the cobsequences, then smokers shouldnt be treated until they have stopped smoking too.
  8. Thats it have a pop at the providers who are engaged to find the unemployed jobs . . . . In a recession witb people who have been unemployed xxxxx years . . . . And havent found their own job whether looking, not looking or otherwise . . . Why do the smug know it alls in society think that these providers are going to suceed in the short space of time they have the unemployed on their books????? Those that want to work . . . Will and will engage with providers and thank them for their help. Those that are not wanting to work are the ones that will end up stil unemployed. And possible without benefits as the new sanction process kicks in. And of course the providers will be responsible for that hapoen too. When really as adults we all make choices and then suffer the consequences .
  9. People apply to go on jeremy kyle . . . . They totally know what is going to happen for some people in society going on the JK show is like having an ASBO . . . . A trophey. Be under no illusion about the draw this programme has on the most 'vunerable' people in society.
  10. Been fat or obese isnt just about lack of excercise but the food people eat. Pay for them to go t the gym but unless they drop the calorie intake as well . . . It would be a waste of time. So what we need is workhouses . . . . Anyone on benefit that is ovese or fat . . . Mandate them to six mobths in a workhousr wherr the food is provided and excercise in the form of WORK is provided and. 2 hours gym or someform of cardio exercise is on the agenda . . Problem sorted. . . . Also the thin unempkoyed people could apply for the jobs created in these workhouse such as catering team, cleaning team, carers team and gym team. Maintaince team handyman, loads of jobs . . . . Double whammy . . . . BTW. Im joking. Society cannot dictate to individuals about there weight and well being. There could be many reasons why a person is fat or obese starting with their mental state of health, circumstances at home, mobility and up bringing, sending them packing to a gym would be like painting over cracks . . . Pyscological issues run deep and these need addessing first
  11. Only in work benefit i can think of is wages . . Those people work for. Personally why can peopke not work for their benefits . Litter picking, painting, community tidy up, and other jobs that council cuts wont cover.
  12. You can study upto 16 hours with out any JSA been affected. But the job and searching for another job to increase your hours enabling you to sign off and become indepedant takes priority. Otherwise you will have t study after work like i do.
  13. Excellent advice . . . Lets hope the employer feeds back to DWP and you lose your entitlement to benefits. Totally disgusted wasting an interview slot that someone who actually does want to work could have had.
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