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  1. It seems people just don't use this site as much as they did. Threads aren't as a busy and aren't replaced as often. Is it a lack of content? Where are people commenting instead these days? The Star's Facebook page?
  2. They lost orders and have a large pension deficit. I've heard £1m... More here: http://www.thestar.co.uk/business/50-jobs-go-as-historic-sheffield-firm-shuts-1-8175124#comments-area
  3. I get all my news on here now. Why would I read The Star when I can read 'Cooling Fan on Oven broken'?
  4. I step outside my house and I can often smell smoke. My neighbour has two log burners. I think to myself, 'Is this progress?'
  5. I've heard there's a piece going in The Star tomorrow... true.
  6. The pot plants are still alive so it would appear it's not been abandoned...
  7. There's been a sign up in the window of this takeaway at the shops on Ringinglow Road for a while. It says it's closed 'until further notice'. Anyone know why? Please don't speculate. Cheers
  8. You never see car drivers pick fights with lorry drivers. Interesting point. Lorries are far more restricted in their 'bad behaviour' though.
  9. Please point to some news that's originated on Sheffield Forum. thanks
  10. It was chocka all along Trippett Lane, Rockingham Street, Division Street, Devonshire Street, Hanover Way and the city-bound lane of Ecclesall Road, this evening. I even had to come to stop at one point, due to cars. A very rare thing on a bike, that.
  11. Rode from the viaduct at Ladybower today to the summit and back. Fantastic. Memorable. Picturesque. Beautiful. Fun. Recommended.
  12. Notts 5 out of 5 Derby 4 out 5 Sheffield 1 out of 5 (Sheffield looks gorgeous in the sunset on the cityscape cam)
  13. Sheffield Forum will be the death of the Sheffield Star you know. This thread proves it.
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