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  1. Does anyone know where in Sheffield you can buy Fizz Keepers that keep fizzy drinks fizzy? thanks
  2. Apparantly there was a documentary made about the infamous Pyjama Jump in 1995. It was screened at the Showroom and on Channel 4. Does anyone know anything more about it? I'd love to see it (I think!).
  3. Please keep this in perspective. While what happened last night was terrible, incidents at the cemetery are VERY few and far between, happening no more often than at any other park or public space in the city. The rape that you mention Stoff actually happened at Frog walk NOT in the cemetery. It is an unfortunate fact of modern society that it is never a good idea to go anywhere secluded on your own at night, but please don’t frighten people away from the cemetery by scare-mongering. A lot of hard work has gone in to landscaping the site over the last couple of years to encourage people to use the site more. The original paths have been reconstructed, new seating has been installed, and the Montague Street end has become more open and welcoming. The cemetery is now used, and should continue to be used, in so many ways from walking and ball games to picnics and festivals.
  4. Does anyone know what it is? It's the one on the corner of Moore St.... looks a bit like a car park or sub station. No one i've asked seems to know! ta.
  5. i saw him at Ally Pally on Monday too but i have to say that last night was far better. Great crowd...and what's all this about him hating stage invaders? he loved it! Even the big half-naked guy got a hand shake!
  6. Anyone know where you can hire record decks from? ta
  7. Anyone know if the Snake Pass is open today? or how I can find out? thanks
  8. Just to clear up a few of the issues raised on this thread... The graves stones, in what is now the grassy area, were removed by the council way back in the late 70s when most of them were ground up for path resurfacing. However, this certainly did not happen recently and would never be allowed these days. In fact, the council no longer run the site - it's looked after by the Sheffield General Cemetery Trust now who are doing loads of great restoration and community work to improve the area. I think the reason it might look different to some people in recent months is because the grassy area has been tidied and landscaped to create a larger green space. This included the reconstruction of some of the original paths to improve access for all. I believe they will also be installing CCTV and new lighting at the site which means that more people can enjoy using the space for longer. Although a number of important historical figures are buried there, its also home to some wonderful architecture and includes listed buildings and monuments. The cemetery is one of only a few woodland and green spaces in the heart of the city and really should be celebrated.
  9. Millennium Galleries cafe is now open from 8am (Mon - Sat). You can get coffee and a danish for £2!
  10. you're thinking of Richard Hawley. He's just been a session guitarist for Pulp rather than an actual 'member' of the band.
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