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  1. Hi all, can anyone recommend a solution where I can scan a USB drive for potential viruses without using a live Windows OS. I'm thinking like a LiveCD type scenario that I can boot into, get the latest definitions and then scan a USB drive. I've found a few solutions that either don't work (Kaspersky Rescue CD, Dr Web) and also one that looks like it would but I cant boot into it (Comodo Rescue Disk). Anyone any ideas? Ta
  2. Hi, were currently thinking about having our old Parkray fire which is connected to an unused back boiler removed for a nice 5KW multifuel stove. My question is around the air supply. This is in our Kitchen and we currently have an extractor fan for the hob, we also have a dedicated open air vent in the wall (currently stuffed with loft insulation as we don't use the fire in there and the draught is terrible). So, if what I read is correct, as the house is pre-2008 and the stove would be a 5KW you do not require the air vent at all. Great. However, there does come into play the extractor for the hob (which is hardly used!) apparently this changes the regs somewhat? Can anyone in the business explain exactly what were allowed to do. We've been looking at stoves with dedicated air supplies but this reduces our options. Ideally I would want a stove without dedicated air supply, without the air vent. I assume I wouldnt be allowed this route?
  3. According to Supertram Twitter, normal service for Yellow route tram should be resumed by now.
  4. Thanks I would try and have a go, but i'm struggling to actually see how to access it! as mentioned its not the main oven fan that's in the manual
  5. Haddy, yeah this fan isn't in the manual, its not the main fan in the oven that circulates the air, its another fan which expels hot air from grill/oven. peakview, this is a forum not a news site.
  6. Hi, the cooling fan above our top oven on a Leisure Gourmet GRB6CVC either doesn't start or goes very slow. I've tried contacting Leisure but no luck, is there a service manual for me to look at this myself, or can anyone recommend a decent cooker engineer in the North Sheffield area? Ta
  7. The issue with the notices are, most of the time they are wrong. We had some put up four/five weeks ago advising pavement resurfacing was happening from the 22nd June, they then came two weeks after that and changed the date to last week then did the work... so that was two weeks of waiting for them to start work... there was nowhere to park our cars as they were advising all pavements around us were being done at the same time. So invariably people just leave cars there as they don't trust the signs.
  8. If it is an actual lightning cable you require, B&Q are doing 2 for 8 quid I think. I've used them they're OK, better than poundland ones...
  9. Hi, my other half's Nana currently lives in a terraced property which has shared access to the rear in order to get to hers and her neighbours' back door. She wants to build on a sort of porch which would protrude out from the house about a metre. At present there's about 1.5m concrete 'path' which acts as the 'shared access' and due to plants and the concrete turning to garden, would this extension require any planning permission/consultation with neighbour and also are there legal requirements for the width/location of the access? I'm assuming the deeds will give me some info, but she's stubborn and thinks she can just go ahead and build! Thanks
  10. I think its the same as the other night, road closed but no actual work happening. Although I could see flashing lights from some kind of truck through my back bedroom window so something was being done... We have no parking signs on our road saying from 12th there will be no parking, but still no one has turned up to do work... I have to go out tonight after 7, so I will go down onto Main Road and see what the score is... ---------- Post added 13-04-2016 at 16:23 ---------- This is the info: lacking with any actual useful information... https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads/works/schemes/streetsaheadproject/works-schedules/wharncliffe.html
  11. This is my issue, I normally get the SL at just after 7am, and I can guarantee something will happen for it not to run!
  12. I had to fetch the mother in law from Bolsterstone as the diversion signs were terrible. Now there are signs up contradicting each other: some saying closed for three weeks and some for eight weeks. On Thursday night though from Oughtibridge where the road closed sign was, you could still carry on all the way to the Blue Ball. We had an unprecedented amount of cars going down our dead end road thinking it was the diverted route. I hope the next couple of weeks are a bit better info wise, they didn't do any work on Friday night.
  13. Thanks Willman. It won't be getting painted... So maybe silicon will be best?
  14. Hi, do any of you diy-ers or pro's have any recommendation for what to use on internal window frames to seal off nicely where gaps have occurred or to replace failed sealant? I did this on another window last year and used caulk which once it has had the cat laid on the cill, the hair, bits of dirt just stick to it. Need something that stays white and clean... Ta
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