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  1. But what if i can't tot up my earnings? As for an accountant I can't afford that
  2. I definitely haven't been fraudulent in any way, I've barely earned even a quarter of what you can earn as self employed which is £12, 500. I suppose I was a bit naive when I started doing this as a job as I did wonder if it would go anywhere. Its been extremely slow to say the least but I know I should have registered before now.
  3. Can anyone help or advise me. I started dog walking in September 2019 and also got a dog boarding license in January 2020. I didn't realise I should have registered with HMRC at the time. I know you are allowed to earn so much before you have to pay tax but didn't think I would make anything like that amount as its only really part time, I wouldn't be able to live on what I make thats for sure, I just wanted to do something I enjoyed and what with the pandemic and everything I haven't been that busy. My husband is the main wage earner. If I registered now would I get into trouble for not doing so.? Its my first time working for myself and I want to do everything right. Please no negative comments just advice on what to do. This is praying on my mind and making me feel a bit stressed.
  4. Its been sorted now but it was the lambda reading, its passed now but thanks and I will get a service done
  5. I have a hyundai i10, failed mot today on emissions, what would cause this to happen? It was suggested that petrol or lack of use. I use everyday, travel at least 12 miles a day, not loads I know but I've never had this happen before.
  6. Thanks Resident much appreciated 😁
  7. I know where I'm dropping off thanks Wallace but its already paid for by the buyer of the item I'm sending, does the shop s can the barcode?
  8. Can anyone help a newbie, ive received loads of stuff via hermes but never sent anything. I've sold something on vinted and the buyer sent me a prepaid address label which I've put on the parcel to send. Don't know whether to drop at a shop or the lockers which are at Morrisons near me. I don't have to book do I cos postage is already paid. Please help don't wanna look like an idiot 🙄
  9. I'm just trying to sell an old sky box and router, someone just asked me if they just swapped their old one for this one would it work the same with their sky package, they would just have to sign in wouldn't they?
  10. I had an accident there once going round there to go straight up Hoyle street, even though the TP was in the wrong lane to go back round onto penistone road I got blamed to, 50/50 settlement even though he went into me, if only I'd had a dash cam.
  11. I am trying to get some reviews on google for my dog Walking business from my clients but they can't for some reason, they click on the stars but t that's as far as they get, what do I need to do, anyone know?
  12. Such a shame and she's lived there all that time. He ought to get a warning and court proceedings if he doesn't follow orders to tidy up his property. He will continue to be stubborn though even if this happens, I'm so sorry this is happening, this is the world today though, people just don't care anymore. I'm sick of litter and fly tipping all over the place, it's so unnecessary.
  13. Does your mother in law own the property or renting? The man next door sounds like a stubborn one and will probably stick to his guns. Environmental health should have authority to get this man to sort his garden out as its clearly a health hazard especially if rats are getting into your mum in laws home, the urine for one is awful stuff to breathe in. We had rats under our floorboards this year and had council out to sort it. Maybe if you get them in for her house and they can put stuff in her garden which might attract them if there's another food source but of course this will be bait.
  14. Ok Im totally rubbish with this so need a hand, in dummy terms, just set up a free hashtag with twitter but want to attach my gofundme campaign to it, can i do this?
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