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  1. I have three retired racers at home. They all have very different characters. Any reputable re-homing organisation will spend time making sure that you are matched with the greyhound for you - and will take the time to do so, including home visits and visits to the homing kennels. I heartedly recommend Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire GRYSY.
  2. I have been offered a Broadband and telephone package by this company. It is much cheaper than the deal I have with BT. I have been trying to find feedback from other users before I complete the switch. Has anybody in our area had experience of 3CTele.com. Thanks.
  3. In the past couple of weeks we have noticed a small waterlogged patch of ground between our house and right up to the fence with next door.. We think it's rainwater. We have had our gutter and downspout checked and its not running down from our property. We have been to see them, but there is nothing obvious on their side. We think there may be a connecting drain with next door. Any advice?
  4. This thread is over 3 years old. I'm sure it's been sorted by now.
  5. Bumped into Andy today at Orchard Square. His landlord at the house he shared is selling the property and he has been 'sofa surfing'. At the moment though, he is homeless and on the streets. I know that Andy has his supporters, so a 'heads up' that he needs a bit of extra help at the moment.
  6. At More Hall why go all the way back to Deepcar when you could have gone up the side of the dam? This is where the work was being done and the whole junction was blocked by large waggons with flashing lights on. No way through. ---------- Post added 08-04-2016 at 14:00 ---------- Actually, I'm not very familiar with these roads and, like an idiot, I thought the yellow diversion signs were there to help get me where I needed to be.
  7. Coming home from Hillsborough to Wharncliffe Side this evening I encountered a road closure sign just beyond Oughtibridge with a diversion sign directing me over Jawbone. I followed other motorists up Cockshuts Lane, which drops down into Wharncliffe Side opposite the Wharncliffe Arms. Traffic was building up big style and it seemed there was no way through. So, I did a U-turn and followed the diversion over Jawbone and approached Wharncliffe Side from the other direction - off the Stocksbridge by-pass, only to find the road completely impassable at the More Hall Lane junction. I had to turn back and make my way back to Deepcar and through Bolsterstone, down to Ewden Village and then via twisty lanes onto Brightholmlee Lane. This whole thing was a farce. I was in Hillsborough at 20 past 7 and did not get home until half past eight. How was it that access to Wharncliffe Side was blocked at both ends. Who was the idiot who authorised the closure of this whole stretch of road which made it impossible for Wharncliffe residents to access their houses. If the signs had indicated how far access was possible, it would have helped.
  8. Due to diversions there's queuing traffic over Jaw Bone and down the hill into Oughtibridge.
  9. I was enquiring about this for a friend. I'll pass on the information. Thanks.
  10. Where are the classes held - and when? Thanks.
  11. Have just waved mmitchell off after his completing a superb job wall-papering our hall and dining room. Quick, efficient, tidy and reasonable rates. A few weeks ago he came and painted our new window frames to our great satisfaction. Thanks Michael, we'll get you back next year when we get the rear window frames replaced.
  12. With the lift and the escalators out of action, it is not possible to get a trolly full of shopping up to the top carpark. It's a bit of a faff if you've walked down the stairs and only realised you can't get back when you've already filled a trolly.
  13. Yes, I'm reading it! Just remember which side your bread's buttered on
  14. I can definitely recommend Taxman's chicken, leek and mushroom pie. Must invite myself over to his very soon.
  15. Selling the Big Issue is not a cushy job. Yes, the vendors probably don't pay tax because they don't ever get to earn an amount that is taxable. They have to stand all day and for every person who buys a mag there are probably 10 who don't. I personally think the Big Issue is value for money, given that it helps to support people who are homeless/vulnerably housed and I find the content interesting (maybe not every issue). I am a big supporter of Andy and will look out for him when I go into the city centre. I don't think that Waitrose will back down re. Andy. If one of their employees, for whatever reason, was upset by Andy, Waitrose has a duty to stand by their employee. However, I do think that Andy has been misunderstood and I hope he gets a pitch where he can gain regular customers and make a decent living.
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