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  1. martin-f

    Sheffield Peregrine Falcons 2018

    New thread here.
  2. Please post any sightings here, i don't pass the site as often as i used to but i did spot a male on the perch just before Christmas.
  3. martin-f

    Indesit gas cooker

    Cooker now sold and collected thanks for all interest.
  4. martin-f

    Indesit gas cooker

    Now reduced to £60 collection only.
  5. martin-f

    Kitchen worktop jig,

    Argos sell them or you can hire one. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/2587961
  6. martin-f

    Satellite set top box

    No worries It will work perfect do a blind scan and it will find all channels available.
  7. martin-f

    Indesit gas cooker

    Thanks for your offer but i wont take less than £70 and its collection only.
  8. martin-f

    Satellite set top box

    Hi you can pick a brand new one up from eBay for around £25, this is a good little box with quick blind scan. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GT-MEDIA-V7S-HD-Satellite-TV-Receiver-1080P-DVB-S-S2-USB-Set-Top-Box-UK-Ver/223121109101?hash=item33f30df06d:g:5YoAAOSwMudbhRT5:rk:39:pf:0
  9. martin-f

    Indesit gas cooker

    Now reduced to £70 grab a bargain this cooker was over £300 when new.
  10. martin-f

    Indesit gas cooker

    Indesit Gas Cooker 60cm We have had this cooker from new good clean condition it was last serviced by indesit just over a year ago the cooker is just over two years old and in perfect working order, more information below, https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8197692 £100 no offers pick up only from S12 please PM me your phone number if interested and i will call you back.
  11. martin-f

    Anyone got any frog spawn yet?

    Many thanks, bump
  12. martin-f

    Anyone got any frog spawn yet?

    Old thread but same question please, i installed a pond late last year and was hoping to see a few frogs/spawn, i did have a few visitors in Autumn but nothing recently before/after the bad weather.
  13. martin-f

    Sheffield Peregrine Falcons 2018

    Spotted a male on the perch today while passing the scrape/nest box, we should see lots of activity around the nest site from now onwards not long for the first egg to be laid.
  14. martin-f

    Sheffield Peregrine Falcons 2017

    2018 thread here. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=11804596#post11804596
  15. Hi, spotted a female on the nest box perch while passing the site yesterday afternoon , Please post any sightings in this new thread .

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