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  1. I had a Hernia operation at Rotherham a few years ago had no problems after and the staff were great.
  2. Two years ago I got back into CB Radio and am loving it there's still a lot of breakers doing it and with more bands open its fun! 10-4!
  3. Going to be a cracking day tomorrow... please keep off the pitch!
  4. Got a new job today Uk fixings can't wait ...... Nuts and bolts and rock n roll!
  5. Heard lots of stories about cleggy... was before my time! ---------- Post added 12-10-2016 at 00:36 ---------- She's got a lot to answer for?
  6. That's the one ---------- Post added 09-10-2016 at 10:41 ---------- No matter what i'll always spot a thread from 300 yards:cool:
  7. He'd left when I started but I know who you mean. he did go to work for Tedar Tinkers. Roy H............? cant remember 2nd name but i'm sure it begins with H. could have been Higgins.
  8. We're back on the road soon on the "NUTS AND BOLTS AND ROCK AND ROLL TOUR"
  9. Everything gone! the last to weeks have been hell I moved from warehouse to office three years ago and the last two years has been a struggle!
  10. We lost a lot of big contracts to start with and basically went bust!
  11. It was a sad day yesterday at 4pm Williams fasteners ceased trading. I wish all my fellow workers good luck for the future.
  12. 7th Feb Sunday live at the Cutlers westgate Rotherham from 2pm all proceeds to bluebell wood.
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