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  1. This is one of many downfalls in living in this technical world, where anything and everything is there for the whole world to see.
  2. Where / How did you find that out ? That's disgraceful. Ive seen some of the video myself -its horrific.
  3. A disgraceful act of Terrorism, 49 innocent lives taken, including women and children according to reports. New Zealand is not a country you ever associate with Terrorist activities or any tensions (racial or religious) within it. Lets hope all the attackers involved were caught and given the harshest sentences possible. Thoughts go out to family and friends of all the victims. The Australasian authorities will need to have a long hard look at their Intelligence Services. Attacks like this can easily go ahead when carried out by a 'lone wolf' - but it seems 3/4 people were involved. Which is quite worrying.
  4. Similar names. Similar religion. Similar heritage. Nothing to see here, we have seen and read about it all for years now, up and down the country.
  5. Sure I can remember her saying she didn't want her baby to be brought to the UK. Im afraid she has brought the death of this baby (and the two others) on by herself by living with a medieval death cult in the deserts of the uncivilised Middle East. We must always remember, she chose her lifestyle / location.
  6. What has Brexit / Trump got to do with it ? Dianne Abbott being the intellectual that she is, has said plenty of derogatory things about white people. Im sure Rudd did not mean to cause offence as well. Its a mountain being made from a mole hill. Rudd apologised, end of story. Coloured used to describe black people - is a silly description.
  7. T'old Steptoe has really shot himself in the foot this time. A life long EU critic, he has now changed his mind and decided to assist in trying to stall Brexit. How many of the 17.4M who voted leave - are Labour voters ? What a complete balloon he is.
  8. Lets just be thankful that she is not coming back. Let her stay in the desert, where she said 'she had a good life'
  9. Just seen her interviewed by SKY. She shows no remorse for what she was involved in. Would she want to come back if ISIS were winning ? I think not. Stay where you are, you are not welcome back here.
  10. She should stay where she is, simple as that. She 'chose' to go and live with a bunch of murderers - and actually got married and had kids with them ! She planned / calculated her trip out there. She could have changed her mind numerous times. Stay where you are ISIS bride, you are not welcome back.
  11. During these Brexit negotiations with the EU. Should may have consulted Farage ? Offered him a role in the negotiations ? Has she not missed a trick by involving him ? - I think so in this case. If it was not for Farage and UKIP, this referendum / Brexit outcome would have never happened. He's had the measure of the EU agenda for years, he knows how Brussels operates. Did he deserve a role in the negotiations ? After all, he couldn't have done much worse could he ?
  12. The litter problem on our streets in every area, in every town and city only seems to have started since - recycling and fortnightly bin collections.
  13. So, we don't have OPEN BORDERS. Everywhere I go I see foreign people ? That's just in Sheffield ! How did these people get here. Foreign languages are common place on public transport etc, I assume by the language they speak, the are not British. How did the Roma get here ? The Poles, The Romanians ? Countries wanting to leave Failed currency
  14. I live in cuckoo land, lol That's rich coming from you pal. Only time will tell What I am confident about, is that the EU project will ultimately fail, with OR without us. My prediction, within 7/8 yrs
  15. Think its always best to worry about things that 'could' happen Mel. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail - and all that. As I have stated on a further reply - the EU seem intent on provoking Putin. Dangerous organisation this EU.
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