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  1. Just done a quick speed test 12.2 Mbps download 8.75Mbps upload. At this precise moment running 1 desktop pc plus a quite powerful gaming pc and a PS4. quite a busy house but we have no problem running as may a 6 devices at the same time.
  2. I have had Now Broadband for almost 3 years. i have the full package broadband, phone and TV all for 36.87 per month. Due to house move I've used it in 2 different districts of Sheffield with absolutely no problems at all. In all this time my broadband has not dropped once. Best service I've ever had
  3. My daughter recently passed her driving test, on her lessons her driving instructor told her the limit on Penistone Road from the bottom of Halifax Road is 30 mph. Road signs at both ends of the road say 30. So way is she constantly getting aggression from other drivers for keeping to this speed.
  4. Stomp's Avatar Join Date: Feb 2010 Total Posts: 539 Status: Online Quote: Originally Posted by dollypeg View Post <snip>... with most people assuming that I am some malingerer who looks on ambulances as a method of free transport. I'd say that was pretty spot on, yes. I did not misquote you, I copied and pasted your reply The residents are concerned that they could face the same problems. If necessary the provision of at least one wheelchair would be a help. as for the As for the Doctors concerns I think he was genuinely concerned about both myself and my neighbour.
  5. The distance was measured be cause I live in a sheltered housing complex where the residents are other than me in their 70/80's. The scheme manager is not allowed tto give physical assisstance due to health and safety issues. We are trying to get the scheme owners to help us set something in place for future issues like this. The doctor was concerned that not only could I have fallen and injured myself further but that I could have also brought down the 84 year old gentleman who was trying to help me. I don't know how old you are but would you like to have hopped that distance at my age. I was actually at the hospital 5 hours. I
  6. What a can of worms I seem to have opened, with most people assuming that I am some malingerer who looks on ambulances as a method of free transport. The NHS operator did ask me questions regarding my symptoms, quite a few centreing on my bowels and bladder, I found this a bit strange when the problem was my foot. incidently a friend today measured the distance I had to hop, 87 yards, no mean feet for a 67 year old. incidently the doctor in A & E found my method of getting to hospital a little strange given the swelling and amount of pain I was in
  7. I can assure you it wasn't just a case of a swollen foot. I certainly would not like to have put anybody elsea at risk. I still cannot walk and am having to wear a special boot.
  8. Last Thursday morning, when I tried to get out od bed, I found that I couldn't put my right foot to the floor. My foot was swollen and very painful. I eventually managed to hop to my living room, and call NHS Direct. Their advisor told me to go to A & E within the next 4 hours. As i have no means of transport other than public, I rang for an ambulance. I couldn't believe it when this was refused, despite the fact that I am 67 years old and live alone. I explained that I would have to hop down 2 corridors (about 30 yards_ to the entrance of my building and then a further 30/40 yards to the roadside to get in a taxi. This fell on deaf ears. With the help of an elderly man who lives in the same complex I eventually managed to make to hop to the taxi. Please don't think that i am a person who always finds fault with the NHS, indeed I have twice in the last 10 years been very grateful to them, as both times I was near to death. Neither am I a person who calls for ambulances at the slightest excuse. But I honestly do think that I wasn't treated properly.
  9. I lived S5 for nearly 30 years and like you I was glad to move away. I visit High Green every week and it is so quiet. Every area has good parts and bad parts. It's only a minority of people who spoil areas.
  10. I agree with you cadburys, it has some really nice places in the area, and people shouldn't try and make out that all the people who live there are the same. I visit family there every week and it is very quiet. and before any wiseguy suggests that i take any knid of illegal substance i don't.
  11. Hi, My mother was Dorothy Sftley, sister of George. Ann is married to Alan bodman and currently works in HR a Norbert dentresangle in Chapeltown
  12. Hartley Brook School are not doing anything, except letting kids write on each others tshirts and a little kids disco. You would think that an important stage like this in a childs life schools would make it an occassion.
  13. Watched it all from my window. Definitely not a shooting, it started of with a couple arguing. A car pulled up and the driver got out and hit him in the face, When he was on the ground, he kicked him in the head. Four people picked the unconcious lad up and put him in the back of the car and they drove off. The police did house to house enquiries.
  14. The third phot in is definitely Stanage Edge, I have a photo of my Grandson sat on the same landmark.
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