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  1. they have been given vouchers ,from council ,but they cant make them do it ,plus they have 2 cars ,hes not a very nice person ,he told rspca to go away
  2. just hoping someone can help, theres a family live near me ,who have cats & they are :rant:allways having kittens I feel so sorry for the cat ,its horrilble to see tom cats getting her ,they also have 3 dogs 2girls & 1boy chained up all the time which her lets mate every time there in season ,been in touch with rspca & Sheffield council but they say they cant make him have them done ,feel so helpless
  3. can people please look at there cctv ,she needs stopping
  4. can any body that lives on Vickers road highgreen with cctv please check it, on Monday night around 10 15 to 10 45 a couple of lads and a girl killed a cat ,the girl was the one that killed it ,the police have been informed & rspca ,but she needs stopping ,some one must know this nutter
  5. hi can some one give me phone number for dog pound or how to get there please
  6. hi do any of the rescues need carpet ,I have a large newish roll ,its been in my summer house and now is not needed ,free for pick up
  7. do the rspca ,ever do any think ,I reported to them 4 times ,and still nothing gets done ,same things still going on ,animals still living in bad conditions ,they just got another dog to breed with when the other one died having pups ,cats still having kittens every season ,rspca say they cant do anythink ,rant over
  8. does any of the rescues want any bedding ,needs picking up asap .
  9. :help:can any body recommend a good dentist please ,around chapeltown &ecclesfield but willing to travel
  10. its really knocked my oldest dog ,but I am hoping she will be ok ,thank you
  11. please be carefull walking around highgreen ,a mastiff cross was running lose ,and attacked both my old dogs ,
  12. does anybody know who owns a lovely grey tabby ,full male ,allways hanging around ,hollands road ,francis grove ,Vickers road highgreen ,hes a lovely cat but he needs doing ,its getting cold nights hate to see him out ,but cant have him in ,until hes been done ,
  13. thank god there doing some think that road is shamefull ,
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