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  1. Hi Alan. Sorry old age is setting in. I went from 57 to 64 before going to Abbeydale. I remember Tina Crawford who lived on the same road as me and went to High Storrs, I was always being told to try and get on well like 'Tina had done' by my mum.
  2. We used to go courting in FP bowling alley in the mid 60's. Thought we were the bees knees with our coffee with rum essence in it!! Those were the days.
  3. Hi Katey, I must know you as you had Miss Cardingwells for your teacher and was in the fire fairies at Firth Park - just like me!! I was born in 52 and lived on Tideswell Road.
  4. Hi Frances. Perhaps you could put details on here of the reunions?
  5. I was taught by Miss Cardingwells in class. I learnt clarinet but I can't remember who taught me - it was probably her! She didn't smile a lot, a bit stoney faced really but I don't remember her as being horrid! Mr Howe was there as well but I don't remember him teaching me clarinet. I always thought it was Mr Bradley.
  6. I notice the Adelphi has just had a 'Sold' sign put up on it. Has anyone any info?
  7. And the best hardware shop still !! (No I don't work there and I'm not related!!) ---------- Post added 19-02-2013 at 19:24 ---------- Hi Kidneystone, Yes its the same girl - Elizabeth Duckenfield. Bet we were in the same class at Hucklow - same age!
  8. My Aunty Minnie married John Lockwood in 1928 and her sister, my Aunty Lily, married Joseph Lockwood, his brother, in 1939. So 2 sisters married 2 brothers called Lockwood (but not at the same time).
  9. Thanks very much. My Uncle was in the 1911 census as being in China and Hong Kong in the 1st Battalion KOYLIS. Have no idea how to find out where though or if he was still in there in the 1st WW. I cannot find any military records for him in WW1.
  10. Ellis Ibbertson born November 1888 was the son of Fred Ibbertson (born Wakefield) and Annie Elizabeth Addy (born Sheffield). They lived at Lake Street, Brightside in 1901. Fred died in 1902 and Annie married Edward Knutton. Ellis was living with his mother in 1908 at 46 Melton Street when he originally went into the Army (Yorks and Lancs) joining up for 4 years, but only stayed for 135 days before being discharged as 'not suitable'. On another note can anyone tell me what the 1st KOYLS regiment was? I have another Sheffield ancestor who is listed in this regiment on the 1911 census (China and Hong Kong)?
  11. To get back to the original point, does anyone have a photo of how it used to be in the 60's? None of the old links from 2008 work anymore, but I remember this shop when it was thriving in the 60's and there was a massive array of fruit and veg set out. I used to go past it on the bus around 8am each morning and it was totally set out then. I left in the later half of the 60's and thought it was probably still going then but may be wrong. It was definately there in 1964/5.
  12. It was not the Ritson family, it was the Kitson family on Clun Street. Tom and Annie Kitson had 3 sons, Harry, Arthur and John, who all ran Kitson Coaches on Penistone Road
  13. Hi. Sorry I can't find the Hinde House thread, do you have a link? You must have been in the same class as me. I played the clarinet in the orchestra.
  14. It was built in the 60's as far as I remember. About 1965?
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