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  1. Moved to disabled section by piskeymax due to a Mardy arse
  2. This is a long shot but I don't suppose anyone that went to see RWBY and doesn't want their discount code would be willing to let me have it please ? As you will know its a single use code but We've already used ours. I'm hoping to buy a figure for a birthday gift as well which I obviously didn't want to order at the same time to keep it a surprise. Please PM me if you'd be kind enough to help out. Thanks
  3. me too, I would have had 5 very unhappy teenagers if this didn't happen! If anyone is interested tickets are still available.
  4. If enough people sign up The Odeon Sheffield will be showing Rwby volume 1 on April 27th. They currently need just 5 more people to sign up in the next 21hours to make it happen. http://www.tugg.com/events/95240
  5. This won't be happening if it doesn't get enough interest!! Only 5 more tickets need to be reserved to make this happen come on anime fans sign up please
  6. Frazer I've replied to your other post about this, sainsburys is NOT closing down The staff would be first to know and nothing has been said. Don't know who's been telling you these rumours but they're nonsense!
  7. Frazer1974 No sainsburys is not closing down (assuming you mean the Halifax rd branch) Unless of course they plan to do it without telling the staff .
  8. Does anyone know what's happened to 'Tracey's just hair' on leppings lane?? I've been going and taking my son for years and I've noticed its not been open for a few weeks and me and my lad are desperate for a haircut. If anyone knows anything or if its permanently closed- where Alison is working (or if your reading this Alison) please message me.
  9. I wondered what all the noise was , it woke me up about half hour ago. There's a strong smell of burning in the air too no idea if there's any connection?
  10. Marks and spencers used to sell them not sure if they still do. I bought a couple a few years ago for my father. good quality decent price and an accurate fit.
  11. Hi does anyone on SF work for Sheffield college preferably as a tutor or admin? If so would you mind sending me a private mesage please I need some advice thanks in advance
  12. Ive no idea Im trying to find out too. where did you buy your watch from? I make loom band bracelets and sell them for the autistic society Id love to find out hoe to do the single watch if you found/find out would you mind posting a link or letting me know how to do it please and if find out Ill let you know too?
  13. The argos in town used to be abc cinema many years ago The argos at meadowhall was definately C&A when meadowhall first opened (sept 4th 1990)
  14. It was either iceland or c&a cant remember which but I think it was C&A
  15. Anyone whos recently been to the ones suggested... did by any chance see if they had in stock any ric-rac? Preferably gold , silver or black?
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